CETUS Documents

CETUS Documents

The concept of CETUS originated when some of the major technology officers in the three largest public institutions in the country -- the California State University System, SUNY (the State University System of New York), and CUNY (the City University of New York) realized that they could accomplish more working together than working separately. The leaders of all three systems signed a memorandum of understanding forming CETUS -- Consortium for Educational Technology for University Systems.

The consortium has produced four pamphlets of significant value to educators. In 1997, these pamphlets where distributed widely to faculty within the CSU. All four documents are also available online on the Web. The first document is available in HTML format, while the other three documents are available in PDF format.

  1. Fair Use of Copyrighted Works
    This online pamphlet addresses three important issues:
    1. higher education will benefit by the formation of a national alliance focused on fair use;
    2. the effectiveness of higher education requires a thorough understanding of the fair-use doctrine;
    3. faculty, in particular, necessarily apply the fair-use doctrine as they perform their work.

  2. The Academic Library in the Information Age
    (*PDF format - 103k)
    This online pamphlet addresses:
    1. expectations for academic libraries in today's information age;
    2. roles librarians and staff will assume in the information age;
    3. implications these changes will have on the whole academic community.

  3. Information Resources and Library Services for Distance Learners
    (*PDF format - 541k)
    This online booklet contains recommended guidelines on information resources and library services for distance learners. It provides sample principles as a resource for developing, enhancing and endorsing standards and guidelines for distance learners.

  4. Ownership of New Works at the University: Unbundling of Rights and the Pursuit of Higher Learning
    (*PDF format - 133k)
    This online booklet offers a framework for present and future discussions of issues surrounding the ownership of intellectual property.

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