Using This Site

Using and Printing the CSLA Information Competence Websites

If you have minimal experience working within a frames-formatted Website such as this, or if you haven't worked in a Website which requires that you have two open browser windows, please take a minute to browse this page.

Using This Frames-Formatted Website
These Information Competence Websites are presented in a frames format. Each site has three frames: a TOP BAR, a SIDE LIST, and a MAIN TEXT BOX.
  • In the TOP BAR, you will find links to the Information Competency Mainpage and two Information Competence websites.


  • In the SIDE LIST, you will find the topic headings for each page in the Website you are viewing. Each time you press one of these SIDE LIST links, the link you selected will appear in the MAIN TEXT BOX.


  • The MAIN TEXT BOX displays the content of the website.


Working With Multiple Open Browser Windows
Most of the links you will find in the MAIN TEXT BOXES on each of these three Information Competence Websites link toOTHER COMPLETE WEBSITES that will be opened in A NEW BROWSER WINDOW. This new window will typically take over the full screen on your monitor, hiding the browser window you just left. You can navigate that website using the browser buttons (e.g. BACK). When you have finished viewing the Website in the NEW browser window, you will need to CLOSE the new window, then you will RETURN to the FIRST browser window containing the Information Competence Website.


To CLOSE a new browser window:
  • If you are a PC user, press [Ctrl]+[W], or click on File and click on Close.


  • If you are a MACs: click in the top left Close Box.



To MOVE BETWEEN two active windows, do this:
  • If you are a PC user, press [ALT]+[TAB].


  • If you are a MACs: click anywhere within the window you wish to activate.


Printing From This Frames Formatted Website
If you are viewing a site which opens in a new browser window, simply press the Print botton on your browser.


In a frame-formatted site, to print the text in the Main Text Box:
  • First click in the MAIN TEXT BOX, then click the Print button on your browser or click Print Frame in the File menu.


PLEASE HELP US KEEP THIS SITE CURRENT. To be effective, this site, as well as sites it refers to, must be updated frequently. We hope, you, the users, will help us in this task. If you feel something here has not helped you, or that you have found a site elsewhere that covers the instructional material better, please let us know.

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