Define the Research Topic

CSU Basic Information Competency Skill No. 1:
Define the Research Topic

Here are some links to Internet sites which will help you understand and learn how to define the reseach topic.

Define the Research Topic
(A CSU Information Competence Tutorial)

This is a tutorial developed by the CSU Information Competency Project. It is a concise, self-paced tutorial which takes no more than a few minutes to complete. At the end, there are optional exercises which take an additional few minutes. Although optional, these exercises are designed not only to reinforce skills covered in the tutorial, but also to help integrate these skills with other, related information competency skills.

Research Preparation: Step 2 - Define the Research Question

This is one of our own, CSLA University Library Guides. The guide is entitled Research Preparation: Things to do Before Starting Library Research Projects. Define the Reseach Topic is the second step described in this guide. Browse this section by itself, or use the entire guide. It was developed by librarians Ken Ryan and Barbara Case to assist students who demonstrate difficulty getting started on their reseach project. Many students who request assistance at the Library Reference Center are having trouble because they either have not yet selected a topic, or have not defined it clearly enough to begin the library research process.

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