Determine the Information Requirements for the Research Question

CSU Basic Information Competency Skill No. 2:
Determine the Information Requirements for the Research Question

Here are some links to Internet sites which will help you understand and learn how to determine the information requirements for the research question:

Determine the Information Requirements
(A CSU Information Competence Tutorial)

This tutorial makes extensive use of instructionally integrated graphics and covers these six information requirements: type of assignment, currency, type of publication, primary vs. secondary sources, information formats, and point of view.

Research Peparation: Step 3 - Determine the Information Requirements

This link will take you to our Library guide entitled Research Preparation: Things to do Before Starting Library Research Projects. Determine the Information Requirements is the third step described in this guide. Browse this section by itself, or use the entire guide. You will find assistance here which is specific to our CSLA Library, its organization and collections.

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