Web Editors

Web Editors

You will need an HTML editor or its equivalent to create the HTML code for your Web pages.  There are a number of HTML editors available free on the Intrenet that you can download. Check this Yahoo HTML editors Web site for a comprehensive list of available HTML editors:


Basic HTML Editors

Windows 95/98/NT users can can use Notepad to edit his/her HTML Web page.

MAC users can can use Simple Text to edit his/her HTML Web page.

Microsoft FrontPage 98
This is one of the premier Web editors available on the commercial market. There are PC and MAC versions and is available to all faculty, students and staff..

Microsoft FrontPage 98 Online CBT Course (for the PC version).

This CBT title clearly demonstrates why this editor has earned awards as a Web site creation and management tool. The CBT course shows you how easy it is to get a new Web site up and running quickly.

HTML Guides
Here are two guides designed to help get you started learning the basics of HTML:

HTML Tutorial
This guide was prepared by Stephen Sottong, one of our CSLA Librarians, created to aid faculty and students who want to create their own Web pages.

NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML

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