How to Connect to Campus via SLIP for the Macintosh

How to connect to campus via SLIP (Macintosh)

MacTCP (v2.0.6)
SLIP software
Modem (at least 14.4bps)

MacTCP is required: If you are already using System 7.5 and above, MacTCP is usually installed.  Alternatively, you can also use TCP/IP (which is NOT illustrated)

If you are using System 7.1.x, you need to purchase a copy of MacTCP.

Recommended SLIP software : InterSLIP by InterCon (FREE) Not officially supported. email: [email protected] for help but do not call InterCon.

Downloading and Setting up InterSLIP
(MacTCP must be already installed)

  1. Download "mac_slip.hqx" (self-extracting) from "" in the directory /pub/dlmenu.
  2. You should see "Mac SLIP Folder" after downloading.
  3. Double Click on "MacTCP for CSLA SLIP" and click button "Set MacTCP".  You should get a message "MacTCP has been set". (Warning: If you are currently using MacTCP for other purposes, save a copy first or you will lose the settings)
  4. Run the InterSLIP Installer. Follow installation instructions.
  5. Re-start your Mac when prompted to do so after installation.
  6. Drag the folder InterSLIP Folder into the Preferences Folder in the System Folder to replace the existing InterSLIP folder.
  7. Go to Apple Menu items and select "InterSlip setup".
  8. Double Click on CSLA.
  9. Manually enter the following information:
    User name: Enter your NIS Userid in the box.
    Configure the following depending on your modem: Serial Port, Baud Rate, Dial Script, Tel. No (323) 343-6875 (Do not select Direct Connection).
    Leave other data unchange.
  10. Close InterSLIP and re-start your Mac again.
  11. Go to Apple Menu items and select "InterSlip setup". Click on "Connect" (When prompted for SLIP password, enter your NIS password).
  12. Check messages in the windows until <Connected> is displayed.
  13. You can start running Network programs (e.g. Telnet, Netscape, etc.) now.
  14. For subsequent connection, start at step 11.

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Last updated (BC) 12/06/99