ListServ and ChatRoom

What is a ListServ?

A ListServ is an electronic mailing list. By subscribing to a ListServ, you will be in touch with others having similar interests. ListServ provides a forum for discussion. 

The Internet provides thousands of discussion groups via e-mail by allowing users to place themselves on electronic mailing lists.  These mailing lists are maintained by software such as LISTSERV or Majordomo. The software automatically distributes an e-mail message from one member of a list to all other members on that list.

When you subscribe to a list, your name and e-mail address is automatically added to the list. You will receive a standard letter of welcome (via e-mail) telling you about the list. From that time on, you will receive all mail (postings) sent to the list by its members. You may follow the discussions or join in on them. If you respond, you can send your response to all members of the list or to an individual on the list. You can signoff (unsubscribe) from a list at any time. You can also get a listing of all the members of a list and their e-mail addresses.

What is a ChatRoom?


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