What Classes Should I Take?

Dante's Inferno

Planning Tools

With semester conversion and new program requirements, many English majors aren't certain about which classes they should take. Of course, the best advice comes from seeing a department adviser, but you might be able to use the tools below to get at least a rough sense of the new programs and courses and how your prior coursework relates to which semester courses you might consider taking.

Use the links below to visit planning pages for students in the Single-Subject Credential Option and the General Option. If you haven't yet decided on your option, you might consider trying both planners.

Planner for Single-Subject Credential Option
English Majors

Planner for General Option
English Majors

For both planning tools, read and respond to the questions. As you respond, the list of courses for which you are potentially eligible will be updated. Please note that only courses scheduled for Fall 2016 will be listed and that classes are subject to cancellation without notice. Please also note that the planner will not take into account whether you have already taken a course or whether a course requires enrollment in a co-requisite. As always, consult the university catalog and/or a department adviser for specific guidance on your particular situation.