Advisement and FAQs

This page contains general tips for English majors and answers to frequently asked questions. The questions have been divided into the following categories. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact the department office.

For information on quarter-to-semester transition advising and alternative courses available to meet degree program requirements, visit the English Department's Semester Conversion page.

General Tips for English Majors

  • Register as early as possible to avoid major courses being cancelled because of low enrollment.
  • Meet all campus deadlines. The "No Record Drop" deadline, the "Add" deadline, and the financial aid application deadline are particularly important. See the calendar and other important links on the University page for students (
  • Check your Cal State LA e-mail account daily for updates and policy changes. (Please note that the university and department will use your Cal State LA e-mail account to distribute important information.)
  • Apply for department scholarships through the Financial Aid Office; check their website for deadlines (usually early in Winter quarter).

University Policies

For the most current policies on enrollment visit the Office of Enrollment Services.

Also, see the FAQs and policies on the University and Arts and Letters' college websites.

Department Policies

  • Graduating seniors will be given priority in adding classes with those graduating in the current term given highest priority. Students must have grad checks on file in the English Department Advisement Office to receive priority status.
  • English minors must wait until after the grad check period to see an adviser; they may acquire the minor program(s) in the English Department Advisement Office at any time.
  • Students who have a record of "no shows" for advisement appointments (2 or more within a given term) will not be given any more in-person advisement appointments that term.
  • If time allows, e-mail and telephone advisement queries will be answered in the order received, depending on the complexity of the query. Priority must be given, however, to students with appointments.
  • English 4990 proposals, prepared and submitted in accordance with current guidelines, will be approved only if all of the following three conditions apply: 1) the student needs the course to meet an English major program requirement; 2) the student needs the course to graduate within one semester and has a grad check on file in the English Department Advisement Office; 3) all other courses that would satisfy the program requirement are completely full.