CSULA Department of English | Schedule

FALL 2009 				07/10/2009
095     Basic Writing I
	01	MW	08:00am	09:40am	KHB2013
	02	MW	08:00am	09:40am	SHC169
	03	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB2013
	04	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHD3084
	05	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHC3102
	*06	MW	09:50am	11:30am	PS 102
*section 06 is reserved for the ECST (Engineering) 
Learning Community
	07	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB2013
	08	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHD3084
	09	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	SHC339A
	10	TR	08:00am	09:40am	KHB2013
	11	TR	08:00am	09:40am	SHC169
	12	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB2016
	13	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHD3084
	14	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB2013
	15	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	BS 245
	16	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB3012
	17	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB3013
	18	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB2013
	19	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHD3084
Sections 20 through 31 of ENGL 095 are specifically 
designated for the Learning Communities groups.
	20	MW	09:50am	11:30am	SHC243A
	21	MW	09:50am	11:30am	SHC367
	22	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB2013
	23	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHD3082
	24	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHD3084
	25	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB2011
	26	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB2013
	27	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB3012
	28	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB3013
	29	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB3020
	30	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB2009
	31	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB2015
096   Basic Writing II
	01	MW	08:00am	09:40am	KHC1069
	02	MW	08:00am	09:40am	KHB4018
	03	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHC1069
	04	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB2011
	05	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB2016
	06	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB3014
	07	MW	09:50am	11:30am	PS 103
	08	MW	09:50am	11:30am	SHC141
	09	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHD2076
	10	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHC1069
	11	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB3014
	12	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	PS 105
	13	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	PS 106
	14	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHD2076
	15	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB2009
	16	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB3020
	17	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHC1069
	18	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB111
	19	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB2011
	20	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHC1069
	21	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB2013
	22	TR	08:00am	09:40am	KHC1069
	23	TR	08:00am	09:40am	KHB4019
	24	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHC1069
	25	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB2011
	*26	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHC3102
*section 26 is reserved for the ECST (Engineering) 
Learning Community
	*27	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHD3082
*section 27 is reserved for the ECST (Engineering) 
Learning Community
	28	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB2009
	29	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHC1069
	30	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHC3102
	31	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	SHC141
	32	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHC1069
	33	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB2011
	34	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHC3102
	35	TR	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHC1069
100   Supplemental Writing Practice
	01	Writing Ctr	M	10:15am	11:30am
	02	Writing Ctr	M	10:15am	11:30am
	03	Writing Ctr	M	11:45am	01:00pm
	04	Writing Ctr	M	11:45am	01:00pm
	05	Writing Ctr	M	01:45pm	03:00pm
	06	Writing Ctr	M	01:45pm	03:00pm
	07	Writing Ctr	M	04:45pm	06:00pm
	08	Writing Ctr	M	06:10pm	07:30pm
	09	Writing Ctr	T	10:15am	11:30am
	10	Writing Ctr	T	10:45am	12:00pm
	11	Writing Ctr	T	12:15pm	01:30pm
	12	Writing Ctr	T	12:15pm	01:30pm
	13	Writing Ctr	T	01:45pm	03:00pm
	14	Writing Ctr	T	04:45pm	06:00pm
	15	Writing Ctr	W	10:15am	11:30am
	16	Writing Ctr	W	10:15am	11:30am
	17	Writing Ctr	W	11:45am	01:00pm
	18	Writing Ctr	W	01:45pm	03:00pm
	19	Writing Ctr	W	02:45pm	04:00pm
	20	Writing Ctr	W	04:15pm	06:00pm
	21	Writing Ctr	R	10:15am	11:30am
	22	Writing Ctr	R	10:15am	11:30am
	23	Writing Ctr	R	12:15pm	01:30pm
	24	Writing Ctr	R	01:45pm	03:00pm
	25	Writing Ctr	R	02:45pm	04:00pm
	26	Writing Ctr	R	04:15pm	05:30pm
	27	Writing Ctr	F	09:15am	10:30am
	28	Writing Ctr	F	11:15am	12:30pm
101	Composition I
	01	MW	08:00am	09:40am	SHC170
	02	MW	08:00am	09:40am	SHC163
	03	MW	09:50am	11:30am	SHC170
	04	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB111
	05	MW	09:50am	11:30am	SHC367A
	06	MW	09:50am	11:30am	FA 309
	07	MW	09:50am	11:30am	BS 245
	08	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	SHC170
	09	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHC2094
	10	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB2016
	11	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB3017
	12	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	SHC170
	13	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHD2076
	14	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	SHC170
	15	TR	08:00am	09:40am	SHC170
	16	TR	08:00am	09:40am	KHB4018
	17	TR	08:00am	09:40am	SHC258
	18	TR	09:50am	11:30am	SHC170
	19	TR	09:50am	11:30am	SHC258
	20	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB3010
	*21	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHC2094
*section 21 is reserved for the ECST (Engineering) 
Learning Community
	*22	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB3014
*section 22 is reserved for the ECST (Engineering) 
Learning Community
	23	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	SHC170
	24	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	MUS 112
	25	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHD2076
	*26	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	SHC170
*section 26 restricted to GE Thematic Learning Cohort
	27	TR	04:20pm	06:00pm	SHC170
101      Composition I - Honors
	28	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB3020
	29	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB4018
102      Composition II
	01	MW	08:00am	09:40am	KHB4013
	02	MW	08:00am	09:40am	SHC339A
	03	MW	09:50am	11:30am	SHC339A
	04	MW	09:50am	11:30am	SHC169
	05	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB2006
	06	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB2009
	07	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHC2094
	08	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	SHC339A
	09	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	SHC169
	10	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	SHC338
	11	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	SHC258
	12	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	SHC339A
	13	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	SHC163
	14	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	SHC169
	15	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB2009
	16	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB2016
	17	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB1019
	18	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB4008
	19	MW	06:10pm	07:50pm	KHB1019
	20	MW	06:10pm	07:50pm	KHB4008
	21	TR	08:00am	09:40am	KHB4013
	22	TR	08:00am	09:40am	SHC163
	23	TR	08:00am	09:40am	SHC339A
	24	TR	09:50am	11:30am	SHC339A
	25	TR	09:50am	11:30am	SHC163
	26	TR	09:50am	11:30am	SHC169
	27	TR	09:50am	11:30am	SHC338
	28	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	SHC339A
	29	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	SHC169
	30	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	SHC338
	31	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	ETB108
	32	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	SHC339A
	33	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	SHC169
	34	TR	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB4008
	35	TR	04:20pm	06:00pm	SHC339A
	36	TR	06:10pm	07:50pm	KHB1019
	37	S	09:10am	01:00pm	KHB4013
200A	  Classical & Medieval Tradition
	01	Calabrese, M	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB4019
200B      British Literature Survey I
	01	Taufer, A	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB4019
200C     British Literature Survey II
	01	Quintero, R	TR	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB4013
207      Beginning Creative Writing
	01	Bush, M	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	ETA126
	02      Ramey, L	TR	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB1019
225    Interpreting World Cinema  (cross-listed with TVF 225)
	01	R	06:10pm	10:00pm	KHB2007
250   Understanding Literature
	01	Quintero, R	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB4013
	02	Ohlund, J	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB2014
	03	TR	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB4018
258   Mythology in Literature
	01	Ohlund, J	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB4013
280   Contemporary World Literature
	01	Laouyene, A	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB4018
301   Introduction to Language
	01	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	SHC163
	02	Sonnenschein, A	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	SHC163
305   English Grammar and Usage
	01	Huld, M	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	SHC338
310   Genres of Writing
	01	Harris, C	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	SHC258
327   Ethnicity & Emotions in U.S. Film 
(cross-listed with PAS 327 and CHS 327)
	01	Head-PAS	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHD2072
	02	Head-PAS	R	06:10pm	10:00pm	KHB4016
340   Writing in the Major
	01	Calabrese, M	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB4019
	02	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB4019
377   Literary Explorations of Justice and Racism 
(cross-listed with PAS 377)
	01	Head-PAS	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHC3100
379   Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture 
(cross-listed with TVF 379)
	01	Bateman, B	W	06:10pm	10:00pm	FA 244
383   Narratives of Maturity and Aging
	01	Laouyene, A	W	06:10pm	10:00pm	KHC3100
385   Sex & Gender in Language and Literature 
(cross-listed with COMM 385)
	01	Head-COMM	T	06:10pm	10:00pm	KHD2072
389   Human Emotions in Literary Expression 
(cross-listed with ML 389)
	01	Greenberg, L	W	06:10pm	10:00pm	KHB2007
392   Statement Magazine
	Bush, M	T	03:15pm	04:15pm	ETA126
398   Cooperative Education
	01	Chari, H	M	01:30pm	03:10pm	ETA631
400    Introduction to Linguistics (cross-listed with ANTH  471)
	01	Head-ANTH	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHC4075
401   English Language in America
	01	Huld, M	MW	06:10pm	07:50pm	SHC163
	02	Sonnenschein, A	TR	04:20pm	06:00pm	SHC163
402   History of the English Language
	01	Sonnenschein, A	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	SHC258
407   Writing Fiction
	01	Bush, M	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	ETA129
411   Practicum in Tutoring English
	01	Buranen, L	TBA
417   Shakespeare I
	01	McManus, C	M	06:10pm	10:00pm	KHB4013
419   Milton
	01	McManus, C	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB4018
430   Children’s Literature
	01		MW	09:50am	11:30am	SHC258
	02	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	SHC163
441   Major Critics
	01	Quintero, R	TR	06:10pm	07:50pm	KHB4013
446A   British Novel:  18th Century
	01	Ohlund, J	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB4018
452   Reading Cultures:  Cultural Studies and English Literature
	01	Knighton, A	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	SHC338
453   Modern Women Writers
	01	Elkins, M	W	06:10pm	10:00pm	ETA129
454   Special Topics in Literature      	
	Title:  International Modernism
	01	Ramey, L	M	06:10pm	10:00pm	KHB4018
461   Dramatic Literature of the English Renaissance
	01	Taufer, A	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB4018
467   The Romantic Age
	01	Garrett, J	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB4013
469A   Modern British Literature
	01	Roy, B	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHD2075
470   American Women Writers
	01	Bateman, B	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	MUS 111
471   American Literature:  Beginning to 1860
	01	Cleman, J	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB4013
472   American Literature:  1860-1914
	01	 	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB4013
473   American Literature:  1914 to present
	01	Elkins, M	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	ETA129
475B   American Novel:  1900-1945
	01	Elkins, M	TR	04:20pm	06:00pm	ETA129
476   Ethnic Literature in the U.S.
	01	Greenberg, L	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHC4077
483   Folklore and Literature
	01	Jones, S	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB4013
484   Major Continental Fiction:  Cervantes to Balzac
	01	Cantu, R	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB4013
492   Seminar in Literature and Language
	01	Roy, B	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB4018
	02	Karafilis, M	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB4018
499   Undergraduate Directed Study  (1-4 units)
501   Theoretical Foundations of Literary Study
	01	Knighton, A	T	06:10pm	10:00pm	ETA126
502   Research Methods in Literary Study
	01	Calabrese, M	R	06:10pm	10:00pm	KHC1069
506   Seminar:  The Writing Process
	01	Ramey, L	R	06:10pm	10:00pm	ETA631
510   Proseminar in Literature				
	Title:  Language and Nature in 17th Century British Poetry
	01	Selkin, C	T	06:10pm	10:00pm	ETA631
541   Seminar:  Contemporary Critical Approaches	
	Title:  Studies in Economic Criticism:  Money and Meaning
	01	Knighton, A	W	06:10pm	10:00pm	ETA631
550   Seminar:  Topics in Composition, Rhetoric, and Language	
	Title:  History and Theory of Visual Rhetoric
	01	Harris, C	M	06:10pm	10:00pm	KHC1069
560   Seminar:  British Literature			
	Title:  Shakespeare’s Poetry
	01	Taufer, A	W	06:10pm	10:00pm	KHC1069
570   Seminar:  American Literature			
	Title:  The Atlantic Monthly and Its Literature
	01	Karafilis, M	M	06:10pm	10:00pm	ETA631
596   Comprehensive Examination                              
	Date of Comp Exam:  Saturday, November 14, 2009
	01	Huld, M	S	09:00am	04:00pm	KHB3007
598   Graduate Directed Study  (1 – 4 units)	TBA
599   Thesis  (1 – 4 units)			TBA
900   Graduate Studies  (0 units)			TBA