CSULA Department of English | Schedule

SUMMER 2009 BY COURSE      7/13/2009
096   Basic Writing II
	01	Strong, J	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB4019
	02      CANCELLED	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB2012
100  Supplemental Writing Practice
	01	Writing Center	T	01:30pm	02:45pm	KHB3015
101  Composition I
	01	Strong, J	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHC1069
	02      CANCELLED	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB3015
	03	Danelski, C	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB4019
	04      CANCELLED	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHD2076
102  Composition II
	01	Hess, F		MW	08:00am	09:40am	KHB4013
	02	Hess, F		MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB4013
	03	McCabe, K	MW	09:50am	11:30am	KHB4018
	04	Barrie, L	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB4019
	05	Cushman, A	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHD2076
	06	Barrie, L	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB4018
	07      Cohenour, H	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB4018
	08	Barrie, L	MW	06:10pm	07:50pm	KHB4013
	09	Danelski, C	TR	08:00am	09:40am	KHB4013
	10	Davis, D	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB4013
	11      CANCELLED	TR	09:50am	11:30am	KHB4018
	12	Davis, D	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	HBB4018
	13      CANCELLED	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB4019
	14	Pearson, M	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB4013
	15	Reyes, V	TR	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB4013
	16	Reyes, V	TR	06:10pm	07:50pm	KHB4013
200B  British Literature Survey I
	01	CANCELLED	TR	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB2007
250  Understanding Literature
	01	Quintero, R	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB4013
	02	Pearson, M	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB4013
301  Introduction to Language
	01      Bamberg, B	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB3008
305  English Grammar and Usage
	01	Cushman, A	TR	09:50am	11:30am	SHC138
327  Ethnicity & Emotions in U.S. Film 
(crosslisted with PAS 327 -01 and CHS 327 -01)
	01	CANCELLED	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHLH2
	02	HEAD-PAS	TR	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB3017
340  Writing in the Major
	01	Quintero, R	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB4018
377   Literary Explorations of Justice & Racism 
(crosslisted with PAS 377 -01)
	01	HEAD-PAS	W	06:10pm	10:00pm	KHB3017
379   Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture  
(crosslisted with TVF 379 -01)
	01	HEAD-TVF	W	06:10pm	10:00pm	KH LH 2
398  Cooperative Education
	01	Chari, H	TBA
401  English Language in America
	01	Huld, M		MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB2007
403  Language and Culture  (crosslisted with ANTH 470 -01)
	01	Huld, M		MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	KHB2007
411  Practicum in Tutoring English
	Buranen, L	TBA
417  Shakespeare I
	01	Taufer, A	MW	11:40am	01:20pm	KHB4013
418  Shakespeare II
	01	Taufer, A	MW	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHB4013
430  Children’s Literature
	01	Pearson, M	R	06:10pm	10:00pm	SHE184
441  Major Critics
	01	Liu, J		MW	11:40am	01:20pm	ETA126
471  American Literature:  Beginnings to 1860
	01	Knighton, A	TR	11:40am	01:20pm	ETA126
473  American Literature:  1914-Present
	01	Liu, J	MW	04:20pm	06:00pm	ETA126
492     Seminar in Literature and Language              
	Title:  Diasporic Perspective in Literature
	01	Liu, J	R	06:10pm	10:00pm	ETA126
494     Literary Study and the Teaching Profession:  
	A Capstone Course
	01	CANCELLED	TR	01:30pm	03:10pm	KHC1069
499  Undergraduate Directed Study (1-4 units)       TBA
504  Theories of Composition and Rhetoric
	01	Bamberg, B	T	06:10pm	10:00pm	ETA631
510  Proseminar in Literature     
	Title:  Medieval Drama
	01	Taufer, A	S	09:10am	01:00pm	ETA631
570  Seminar:  American Literature  
	Title:  Sites of American Reading
	01	Knighton, A	W	06:10pm	10:00pm	ETA631
580  Seminar:  World Literature             
	Title:  19th Century Russian Fiction
	01	Huld, M		R	06:10pm	10:00pm	ETA631
598  Graduate Directed Study (1-4 units)		   TBA
599  Thesis (1-4 units)                                    TBA
900  Graduate Studies (0 units)                            TBA