Proposed Class Schedule, 2017-2018

Fall 2017 (Revised March 21, 2017)

Please note that the class schedule below is tentative and subject to change without notice. It is provided only to assist with your planning. Check the online schedule of classes for the most up-to-date class offerings.

TermOld Course NumberCourseSectionTitleDaysStartEndInstructor
Fall20720701Beginning Creative WritingMW12:15 PM1:30 PMStaff
Fall20720702Beginning Creative WritingMW4:30 PM5:45 PMStaff
Fall20720703Beginning Creative WritingT6:00 PM8:45 PMRamey, Lauri
Fall22522601A Journey Through World CinemaTR4:30 PM5:45 PMChari, Hema 
Fall25823101Gods, Monsters, and Heroes in World MythologyTR10:50 AM12:05 PMHorejsi, Nicole
Fall 26001Literary Los AngelesMW12:15 PM1:30 PMStaff
Fall25027001Why Literature MattersMW3:05 PM4:20 PMStaff
Fall25027002Why Literature MattersTR9:25 AM10:40 AMStaff
Fall26027301Fictions of Gender and SexualityMW12:15 PM1:30 PMBush, Mary
Fall 27601Pulp Fictions and Popular LiteraturesTR1:40 PM2:55 PMStaff
Fall 28001Shakespeare and Popular CultureM12:00 AM12:00 AMTaufer, Alison
Fall34029001English TutorialMW12:15 PM1:30 PMLiu, Jun 
Fall34029002English TutorialMW1:40 PM2:55 PMCalabrese, Michael
Fall34029003English TutorialMW6:00 PM7:15 PMHuld, Martin
Fall34029004English TutorialTR9:25 AM10:40 AMKarafilis, Maria 
Fall34029005English TutorialTR10:50 AM12:05 PMPerry, Kathryn
Fall34029006English TutorialTR12:15 PM1:30 PMGreenberg, Linda
Fall34029007English TutorialTR4:30 PM5:45 PMQuintero, Ruben
Fall 30101Advanced College WritingMW1:40 PM2:55 PMStaff
Fall 30301Professional and Technical WritingTR9:25 AM10:40 AMStaff
Fall31030501Issues in Writing PedagogyMW1:40 PM2:55 PMHarris, Christopher
Fall 31001Readings on the English LanguageTR4:30 PM5:45 PMHuld, Martin
Fall 32001Readings in TheoryMW3:05 PM4:20 PMLiu, Jun 
Fall 33001Readings in Ancient World and Med Brit LitMW4:30 PM5:45 PMCalabrese, Michael
Fall 34001Readings in British Lit: Renaissance to ModernTR1:40 PM2:55 PMQuintero, Ruben
Fall 36001Readings in American Literature(s)TR12:15 PM1:30 PMKnighton, Andrew
Fall 37001Readings in Modern and Contemporary World LitTR9:25 AM10:40 AMLaouyene, Atef 
Fall 38201The Body in LiteratureMW1:40 PM2:55 PMStaff
Fall37938301Gender and Sexuality in Popular CultureM6:00 PM8:45 PMBateman, Ben
Fall38338401Aging in LiteratureTR10:50 AM12:05 PMLaouyene, Atef 
Fall39239201Statement and Literary Magazine EditingMW4:30 PM5:45 PMBush, Mary
Fall40740701Writing FictionMW3:05 PM4:20 PMBush, Mary
Fall40141011Introduction to English LinguisticsTR1:40 PM2:55 PMHuld, Martin
Fall 41201Language in Space and TimeTR10:50 AM12:05 PMSonnenschein, Aaron
Fall 41801Issues in English Language PedagogyTR12:15 PM1:30 PMSonnenschein, Aaron
Fall 43201Anglo American ModernismT6:00 PM8:45 PMLiu, Jun 
Fall45343301Modern Women WritersR6:00 PM8:45 PMRamey, Lauri 
Fall42443701Greek and Roman Drama in TranslationTR12:15 PM1:30 PMHorejsi, Nicole
Fall46544051The Augustan AgeMW4:30 PM5:45 PMQuintero, Ruben
Fall469A44081Modern British LiteratureTR4:30 PM5:45 PMStaff
Fall41744231Shakespeare ITR10:50 AM12:05 PMMcManus, Caroline
Fall41944251MiltonTR9:25 AM10:40 AMMcManus, Caroline
Fall446B44611The British Novel: The Nineteenth CenturyMW1:40 PM2:55 PMGarrett, James 
Fall 46801The Politics of American LiteratureTR10:50 AM12:05 PMKarafilis, Maria 
Fall 46921U.S. Latino/a LiteratureTR9:25 AM10:40 AMGreenberg, Linda
Fall43048801Children's LiteratureMW3:05 PM4:20 PMStaff
Fall49449101Literary Study and the Teaching ProfessionTR1:40 PM2:55 PMGreenberg, Linda
Fall49249201Seminar in Literature and LanguageMW1:40 PM2:55 PMBateman, Ben
Fall 49251Practicum in Language and LiteratureMW12:15 PM1:30 PMRoy, Bidhan
Fall50150011Theoretical Foundations of Literary StudiesW6:00 PM8:45 PMKnighton, Andrew
Fall50250021Research Methods in Literary StudiesR6:00 PM8:45 PMCalabrese, Michael
Fall55550551Principles and Strategies in Teaching WritingTR1:40 PM2:55 PMChari, Hema 
Fall50551001Seminar: Language and LiteracyT6:00 PM8:45 PMSonnenschein, Aaron
Fall51051901Proseminar in LiteratureW3:05 PM5:50 PMLaouyene, Atef 
Fall51051901Proseminar in LiteratureM6:00 PM8:45 PMMcManus, Caroline
Fall56054001Seminar: British LiteratureW6:00 PM8:45 PMHorejsi, Nicole

Spring 2018

TermOld Course NumberCourseSectionTitleDaysStartEndInstructor
Spring20720701Beginning Creative WritingMW12:15 PM1:30 PMBush, Mary
Spring20720702Beginning Creative WritingMW4:30 PM5:45 PMStaff
Spring20720703Beginning Creative WritingTR10:50 AM12:05 PMStaff
Spring23021001Language and Society (xlisted as ANTH 230)TR4:30 PM5:45 PMStaff
Spring25823101Gods, Monsters, and Heroes in World MythTR9:25 AM10:40 AMCalabrese, Michael
Spring 26001Literary Los AngelesTR12:15 PM1:30 PMGreenberg, Linda
Spring25027001Why Literature MattersMW4:30 PM5:45 PMDonalson, Melvin 
Spring25027002Why Literature MattersTR10:50 AM12:05 PMStaff
Spring25027003Why Literature MattersTR1:40 PM2:55 PMStaff
Spring28027101Contemporary World LiteratureTR10:50 AM12:05 PMLaouyene, Atef 
Spring 27601Pulp Fictions and Popular LiteraturesMW1:40 PM2:55 PMStaff
Spring34029001English TutorialTR1:40 PM2:55 PMHorejsi, Nicole
Spring34029002English TutorialMW3:05 PM4:20 PMJones, Steven S
Spring34029003English TutorialTR9:25 AM10:40 AMKarafilis, Maria 
Spring34029004English TutorialTR10:50 AM12:05 PMMcManus, Caroline
Spring34029005English TutorialTR12:15 PM1:30 PMSonnenschein, Aaron
Spring34029006English TutorialMW4:30 PM5:45 PMStaff
Spring31030501Issues in Writing PedagogyMW12:15 PM1:30 PMPerry, Kathryn
Spring 31001Readings on the English LanguageTR9:25 AM10:40 AMSonnenschein, Aaron
Spring 32001Readings in TheoryMW1:40 PM2:55 PMBateman, Ben
Spring 33001Readings in Ancient World and Med Brit LitMW12:15 PM1:30 PMJones, Steven S
Spring 34001Readings in British Lit: Renaissance to ModernTR10:50 AM12:05 PMHorejsi, Nicole
Spring 36001Readings in American Literature(s)TR12:15 PM1:30 PMKarafilis, Maria 
Spring 37001Readings in Modern and Contemporary World LitMW4:30 PM5:45 PMChari, Hema 
Spring37738101Literary Explorations of Justice and RacismMW12:15 PM1:30 PMDonalson, Melvin 
Spring 38151Money and MeaningW6:00 PM8:45 PMKnighton, Andrew
Spring 38251Psychology and Epistemology in Fairy Tales and LitMW4:30 PM5:45 PMStaff
Spring 38551Crimes, Scenes, Interpretation: Literature and the LawMW3:05 PM4:20 PMRoy, Bidhan
Spring39239201Statement and Literary Magazine EditingMW4:30 PM5:45 PMBush, Mary
Spring40640601Writing NonfictionMW3:05 PM4:20 PMBush, Mary
Spring40840801Writing PoetryT6:00 PM8:45 PMRamey, Lauri 
Spring 41801Issues in English Language PedagogyTR6:00 PM7:15 PMStaff
Spring 42001Topics in TheoryTR1:40 PM2:55 PMKnighton, Andrew
Spring46044011Medieval English LiteratureTR12:15 PM1:30 PMCalabrese, Michael
Spring41644211ChaucerTR4:30 PM5:45 PMCalabrese, Michael
Spring41744231Shakespeare IM6:00 PM8:45 PM

McManus, Caroline

Spring475A46601The American Novel ITR10:50 AM12:05 PMKnighton, Andrew
Spring47746911Black American LiteratureMW1:40 PM2:55 PMDonalson, Melvin 
Spring48547611Major Continental Fiction: Stendhal to TolstoyMW3:05 PM4:20 PMLiu, Jun 
Spring 47851Postcolonial Literature and CriticismTR9:25 AM10:40 AMLaouyene, Atef 
Spring 48011The English Court in Literature, Art, and CultureTR4:30 PM5:45 PMHorejsi, Nicole
Spring43048801Children's LiteratureTR1:40 PM2:55 PMGreenberg, Linda
Spring49449101Literary Study and the Teaching ProfessionTR9:25 AM10:40 AMMcManus, Caroline
Spring49249201Seminar in Literature and LanguageMW12:15 PM1:30 PMLiu, Jun 
Spring49249202Seminar in Literature and LanguageMW6:00 PM7:15 PMJones, Steven S
Spring50150011Theoretical Foundations of Literary StudiesT6:00 PM8:45 PMLiu, Jun 
Spring50250021Research Methods in Literary StudiesW6:00 PM8:45 PMKarafilis, Maria 
Spring50450401Seminar: Theories of Comp and RhetoricT6:00 PM8:45 PMPerry, Kathryn
Spring55050501Seminar: Topics in Comp, Rhetoric, and LanguageR6:00 PM8:45 PMHarris, Christopher
Spring51051901Proseminar in LiteratureM6:00 PM8:45 PMBateman, Ben
Spring57056001Seminar: American LiteratureW6:00 PM8:45 PMGreenberg, Linda
Spring58057001Seminar: World LiteratureR6:00 PM8:45 PMRamey, Lauri