2008 Program Review

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Department of English

Engineering & Technology A604
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Program Review 2008



Department Long Range Plan Appendix A
Last Program Review Subcommittee Report and Follow-up Reports (not available online) Appendix B
Catalog Description of Each Program  Appendix C
Letters on how well courses meet the needs of other departments (not available online) Appendix D
Masters theses and projects Appendix E
Department Assessment Plan Appendix F
Assessment measurement tools and findings (see Appendix F) Appendix G
Resumes for each probationary and tenured faculty member (not available online) Appendix H
Matrix of courses and faculty Appendix I
Matrix of courses and instructional modes Appendix J
Number of students in major Appendix K
Gender and ethnicity of majors Appendix L
Graduation or persistence rates Appendix M
Application/Acceptance Yields Appendix N
FTES, FTEF, SFR; with Supplemental Analysis Appendix O
Department Hiring Plan, 2007-2012 Appendix P

Analysis of Enrollment Data (Spring 2001-Winter 2006) Appendix Q

Degrees Awarded (Program, Campus, System Compared) (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) Appendix R

Graduate Student Handbook (PDF) Appendix S

Department Web Site Appendix T