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Program Review 2008 (Appendix E)

Masters Theses and Projects

2007 (13)

Arcos, Carrie. The Weight of Memory: A Short Story Collection. 2007

Barajas, Jessica Karina. Effects of bilingual family stories on English language learners. 2007.

Chan, Debra. Building Bridges in the Honors/AP Achievement Gap: Theory, Research and Policy. 2007.

Colbert, Jasmine N. Of love and revolution: artistic confidence for the radical voice. 2007.

Dela Cruz, Anne. Error correction for college-level english language learners: opportunity for or threat to successful academic writing. 2007.

Frazier, Terry. Gothic Theodicy: Justifying God in Wordsworth and Austen. 2007.

Galyean, Dublin. Bougainvillea Blues. 2007.

Lopez, Margaret Emily. Miss Communication. 2007.

Luthi, Eric. Refining Fires. 2007.

Magallanes, Jessica M. Collaborative assessment: a model for evaluating writing centers. 2007.

Proud, Emiline Hue. Ernest Hemingway's In Our Time and Michael Herr's Dispatches: collections of perspectives on the Great War and the Vietnam War. 2007.

Schieber, Christina G. Satire and parody in selected California writings of Bret Harte, 1857-1871. 2007.

Schilz, Lisa. From Chaotic Histories to Current Fantasies: The Creation of a New Native American Identity through Children’s Literature in the Nineteenth Century. 2007

2006 (13)

Barsamian, Hasmik. Jane Austen and the rightful authority in Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion. 2006.

Chen, Meghan M. The Joanna Burden-Joe Christmas conflict: a psycho-linguistic study of Light in August. 2006.

Facher, Scott. Images of the foreigner: a diasporic reading of Sigrid Nunez's A Feather on the Breath of God and Chang-Rae Lee's Native Speaker. 2006.

Grab, John David. Melodius etudes. 2006.

Maksimowicz, Christine. Gynocritics and gynesists in Gilead: Margaret Atwood's novel approach to a feminist reconciliation. 2006.

McNamara, Megan B. Rose-colored granite: the New England of Sarah Orne Jewett and Edith Wharton. 2006.

Nemetz, Lindsay R. A Long Time Underground. 2006.

Pulice, Jeff. Reaching for the Stars. 2006.

Rager, Christopher Brian. The making of a modernist myth: "The Waste Land" in William Faulkner's Light in August. 2006.

Rida, Janet. Digital storytelling and community. 2006.

Roche, Kerry. "Since I Fell for You": the possibilities and limitations of love in James Baldwin's Go Tell it on the Mountain and Another Country. 2006.

Smith, David L. Nietzsche's doctrine of Eternal Return and Faulkner's Light in August. 2006.

Whitlow, Michael Langford. Concrete fields: reflections, observations, and struggles of a middle child expressed through a collection of poetry. 2006.

2005 (12)

Carrasco, Bernie H. Neighborhood furnishings and other poems. 2005.

Corbett, Ara G. Unknown pleasures: the transcendentalist impulse in Henry James. 2005.

Costello, Dorisa D. "The Just War" and other stories. 2005.

Hernandez, Margaret. First Love Three: a Latino trilogy. 2005.

Howell, Elaine M. Meal, Combat, Individual. 2005.

Hylton, Erika Leigh. The place of the South in Mark Twain's Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. 2005.

Larason, Ronald E. Wallace Thurman's Irreconcilable Differences: racial and sexual ambivalence in Infants of the Spring. 2005.

Li, Xinyan. "Foreigners" in American society: the diasporic perspective in Chang-Rae Lee's Native Speaker. 2005.

Perez, Judith. Issues in the English language and literacy development of second language learners in California high schools. 2005.

Quaid, Andrea. Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus and Wise Children: feminist revisions and empowered female identities. 2005.

Sider, Jerry. Between chaos and control: the novels of Patricia Highsmith, 1950-1960. 2005.

Williams, Greg. Understanding reason in William Blake's The Four Zoas. 2005.

2004 (16)

Adunni, Oni. An exploration of mystery-music-metaphor in James Baldwin's novel Just Above My Head. 2004.

Barrett, Suzanne. Where is Here?: Margaret Atwood's Surfacing presents self as nation in response to the issue of an undefined English Canadian identity. 2004.

Baxter, Antoinette M. From the homefront to the front lines: American women writers' response to the Civil War. 2004.

Bruck, Sarahlyn S. Rachel Crothers: feminist playwright. 2004.

Caloyeras, Jennifer. Reproducing women: mothers and daughters in New Women's literature in Fin de Siecle England. 2004.

Hanssen, Caroline. 'Til Death Do Us Part: "Bluebeard" and the fairy tale of romance. 2004.

Honadle, Gerald. The Unreasonable journey: self-discovery through deconstruction. 2004.

Joshua, Judith. (Self)-constituting the other: "shapes all light" in P.B. Shelley's "The Triumph of Life". 2004.

Martinez, Suzanne Lucille. Chaucer and the Pauline doctrine of chastity: the legend of St. Cecile and dysfunctional marriages in The Canterbury Tales. 2004.

Mkrtchian, Armene. The non-modern modern and his attempt to save humanity: an analysis of D.H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers, Women in Love and Lady Chatterley's Lover. 2004.

Romo, Amanda Ryan. The Feminist reconstruction of the Arthurian legend cycle in Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon. 2004.

Roy, Bidhan. Londistan: fundamentalism and postmodernism in Hanif Kureishi's imagining of British-Muslim identity. 2004.

Salas, Edahrline Janis. "Universes Dripping with Wor(l)ds": confession and revision in J.M. Coetzee's Foe and Jeanette Winterson's The PowerBook. 2004.

Sutton, Karen Drexler. Bridging the borderlands of composition: the use of Bildungsroman novels in a Freirian framework. 2004.

Takano, Cynthia Ann. The Specter of World War II in the novels of Kazuo Ishiguro. 2004.

Tellefsen, Edward Adam. The book behind the book: Jorge Luis Borges and the significance of literary translation. 2004.

2003 (10)

Brannan, Margaret. Who Are You Visiting Me Here? and other poems. 2003.

Clerc, Rebecca. Madness and transgression in The Mystery of Edwin Drood and The Picture of Dorian Gray. 2003.

Flynn, Siobhan M. Perceval's sister in The Quest of the Holy Grail: a definitive portrait of a grail, knight and savior. 2003.

Kahn, James Nelson. The Strange Case of Fitz-James O'Brien. 2003.

Kim, Jenny J. The pursuit of happiness in Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence. 2003.

Oropeza, Clara. Ethnic to national consciousness: a reading of I. Rigoberta Menchu: an Indian Woman in Guatemala as a testimonio within a historical context. 2003.

Schutz, William. New worldliness: Ralph Waldo Emerson's concept of democratic individualism as an "American mission". 2003.

Stansbury, DeAnna S. William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury: a study in desire, subjectivity, and modern tragedy. 2003.

Terry, Stephen. Unleashing the other. 2003.

Watanabe, Niklas. Taste and the formation of the Gothic aesthetic and Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto. 2003.

2002 (8)

Calebotta, Stephen C. Astronauts, cowboys, and other pursuers of truth. 2002.

Duran, Angelica. Love and performativity in the works of H.D. 2002.

Elizalde, Andres. A typology of the hero from the ancient Greek romance to the medieval and Renaissance novel. 2002.

Ferrari, Michael Joseph. A middle grade novel entitled, Bird with a critical introduction. 2002.

Lafarga, Alfredo. A Novella, A Something White with a critical introduction. 2002.

Poindexter, Martha J. The impact of assessment on writing process instruction and revision: the challenge for California's English teachers. 2002.

Smith, Marjorie Francine. The twelfth-century historization of King Arthur: defining a nation, constructing a King. 2002.

Whitney, Alexis L. Volunteer-based adult literacy programs: evaluating responses to an increasing problem. 2002.