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Michelle Hawley and Lauri Ramey of the English Department will be featured speakers at Re-mapping “American” Community: Representing Bodies, Space, and Place. Presented by the American Communities Program, this seminar will explore the ways in which and to what ends space and place are individually and communally represented, embodied, and performed in American culture. 

The event will feature presentations by Cal State L.A. professors Lauri Ramey (English), San San Kwan (Theater Arts and Dance), and Michelle Hawley (English). Professor Ramey's presentation, "Body, Space and Place in The African American Spirituals," investigates how the spirituals enabled the slave-poets to transform their physical experiences into a conceptual space where they could build a sense of community, individual identity and hope. Professor Hawley's presentation, "There is No Place Like Home: The Geography of Multicultural Picture Books," examines how a new generation of authors have created narratives of multi-ethnic community life that challenges the idealized homes portrayed in classic American children's fiction.

photo of Lauri Ramey

Professor Lauri Ramey




The presentations are scheduled to begin at 2:00pm on Wednesday, May 11, 2005 in the Music Hall.

Call the Cross Cultural Centers at (323) 343-5001 for more information.


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