General Education English Classes Available

GE Classes Available

Spring 2016

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Lower Division Arts and Humanities Courses (Block C)

ENGL 225

ENGL 225 Interpreting World Cinema
Section 1: T/Th 1:30pm-3:10pm

This course examines world cinema as art and cultural artifact and offers critical methodology and practical tools for analyzing and interpreting international film movements, genres and themes.

ENGL 250

ENGL 250 Understanding Literature
T/Th 4:20pm-6:00pm

This course offers an introduction to literature through the study of various genres (poetry, drama, fiction) and from the perspectives of different cultures.


Upper Division Humanities Courses (Block C Theme Courses)

ENGL 377

ENGL 377 Literary Explorations of Racism and Justice (Theme H, Diversity course)
Section 02 (course id 34742), T/Th 11:40am-1:20pm

This theme course focuses the literary depiction of racism and justice, with emphasis on the treatment of civil rights issues in fiction, drama, and poetry.