CSULA Department of English | 36-Unit Requirement for Non-English BA Students

Students who do not have a B.A. in English must meet the following 36-unit requirement prior to beginning work on the M.A. program. These 400-level undergraduate courses can be taken at CSULA. Credit for equivalent coursework taken elsewhere may be granted by the graduate adviser following a review of transcripts.

36-Unit Requirement

Area Number of Units CSULA Courses that Meet this Requirement
Literary Criticism 4

441 Major Critics

British Literature
(two courses must be in literature before 1800)

Before 1800:

416 Chaucer
417 Shakespeare I
418 Shakespeare II
419 Milton
446A British Novel: The Eighteenth Century
460 Medieval English Literature
461 Dramatic Literature of the English Renaissance
463 The English Renaissance
464 Seventeenth Century Literature
465 The Augustan Age

After 1800:

446B British Novel: The Nineteenth Century
446C British Novel: The Twentieth Century
467 The Romantic Age
468 The Victorian Age
469A Modern British Literature
469B Contemporary British Literature

American Literature 8

471 American Literature: Beginnings to 1860

472 American Literature: 1860–1914

473 American Literature: 1914–Present

World Literature 4

424 Greek and Roman Drama in Translation

425 Epic and Legend

427 Modern Drama: Continental, English, and American

428 Contemporary Drama: Continental, English, and American

482 The Bible as Literature

484 Folklore and Literature

485 Major Continental Fiction: Cervantes to Balzac

486 Major Continental Fiction: Stendhal to Tolstoy

Electives 8

Select two additional 400-level English courses with adviser approval (ENGL 340 also qualifies in this category)