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ENGL 102 students are expected to master the following core information competencies: 

  • define a research topic and the need for information

  • access information effectively and efficiently

  • evaluate information critically

  • organize, synthesize, and communicate information for a specific purpose

  • and ethically and legally access and use information.

The resources below were developed by the University Library and available as downloadable PDF files or in some cases as downloadable Microsoft Word files (RTF). 

General Information Literacy Materials

University Library Information Literacy Learning Objectives (PDF)

Information Diary (Library Exercise) (PDF) (RTF)

Narrowing a Topic (Library Exercise) (PDF) (RTF)

Managing What You Find: Research Journal (Library Exercise) (PDF) (RTF)

Information Literacy Assignment Example (Not Specific to ENGL 102) (PDF)

Scholarly Journal Or Popular Magazine (Library Exercise) (PDF) (RTF)

Web Site Evaluation (Library Exercise) (PDF) (RTF)

ENGL 102 Specific Information Literacy Materials

Constructing the English 102 Research Assignment (PDF) (RTF)

Model Rubric for English 102 Research Outcomes (PDF) (RTF)