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The following handouts are part of the ENGL 101-2 base course. Please note that the department provides two base courses for ENGL 101; please ensure that you are accessing handouts for the correct course. (Handouts for the other ENGL 101 base course can be found at ENGL 101-1.)

All files are in Adobe PDF format and should open in a new window.

1-1 Reading: "Pro & Con"

1-1 Reading: "School to Work"

1-1 Topic: School to Work

2-2 Discussion Questions: Education (1)

3-1 Topic: Education (1)

3-2 Prepare for Writing Workshop

4-2 Formal Requirements

4-2 Paragraphing

4-2 Quoting Guidelines

4-2 Thesis Formation

5-1 Discussion Questions: Education (2)

5-1 Reading: "Too Few Women"

5-1 Topic: Education (2)

6-2 Discussion Questions: Gender

7-1 Topic: Gender