CSULA Department of English | Draft Learning Outcomes

Listed below are draft versions of the learning outcomes for the undergraduate and graduate programs. As more specific student learning outcomes are developed for each of these learning goals, they will be posted on this page as drafts and after departmental approval on the current learning outcomes page.

Undergraduate Program

Learning Outcomes for the Undergraduate English Major

  1. Literary coverage

    Students will demonstrate familiarity with the major writers, historical periods, and genres of British and American literature, and demonstrate an awareness of the connection between texts and their historical and cultural context.

  2. Literary analysis

    Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret a text with attention to its genre, formal and rhetorical features, and historical and cultural contexts.

  3. Theory and critical perspectives

    Students will understand the history of critical theory and demonstrate the ability to apply theoretical approaches to texts.

  4. Linguistics

    Students will demonstrate knowledge of the grammatical structure of English and recognition of standard and nonstandard varieties.

  5. Rhetoric, research, and writing

    Students will understand the writing process and use their understanding  of audience, purpose, form, and other rhetorical concepts to produce rhetorically and stylistically effective writing. Additionally, students will demonstrate the ability to conduct research in the field and effectively incorporate this research into their analysis and writing.

Graduate Program