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EDAD 540: School Finance

Content Standard 1: To understand sources and uses of federal, state, and local school funding.

Performance Standards

1.a Identify the sources of educational funds.

1.b Identify the categories of educational expenses.

1.c Identify various categorical aids funding methods (Title 1, Special Ed, GATE, etc.)

Content Standard 2: To understand major school finance and educational reforms as well as school finance litigation and their impacts on education.

Performance Standards

2.a Describe major school finance & reforms and their impacts on education.

2.b Analyze significant school finance court cases.

2.c Complete in-class quizzes demonstrating 2a and 2b.

2.d Participate in class discussion.

Content Standard 3: To demonstrate skills to analyze equity quantitatively.

Performance Standards

3.a Describe school finance equity framework.

3.b Analyze equity in educational inputs or outcomes using own school data.

3.c Complete in-class quizzes demonstrating 3a and 3b.

Content Standard 4: To develop knowledge of sound fiscal management skills and practices.

Performance Standards

4.a Conduct a family budget meeting and submit a report on the process.

4.b Prepare and submit a grant proposal for funding.

4.c Research and report on effective and efficient fiscal management.

4.d Develop a sound school budget for a charter school.