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EDAD 530: School Law

Content Standard #1: To understand how a school must operate consistently within the parameters of federal, state, and local laws, policies, regulations, contractual and statutory requirements.

Performance Standards :

1.a Understand federal and state constitutional provisions, statutory standards, and regulatory applications governing public schools, including accommodations for students with special needs.

1.b Understand the importance of local rules, procedures, and directives related to schools.

1.c Examine the context within which the school operates, including the district, bargaining units, the board, and other governmental entities.

1.d Become familiar with landmark court cases affecting school administration.

Content Standard #2: To demonstrate skills to analyze legal court documents.

Performance Standards :

2.a Be able to read and analyze court cases.

2.b Be able to present school law case briefs orally and in video production.

2.c Be able to write case briefs.

Content Standard #3: To demonstrate knowledge and skills of legal application in school settings.

Performance Standards :

3.a Engage in a legal research, collecting data from real school settings.

3.b Prepare a field-research paper on a contemporary legal issue in schools.

3.c Develop policy and practices at the school site to ascertain student needs.

3.d Work with the governing board and district and local leaders to influence policies that benefit students and support the improvement of teaching and learning.