CSULA: Educational Administration Tier 2 Programs


California State LA offers three kinds of Educational Administration Programs: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Ed.D.

All of the Educational Administration Programs at CaliforniaStateUniversity, Los Angeles (CSULA) are accredited by the National Council on Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the California Commission on Accreditation (COA). 


Tier 2: Professional Administrative Services Credential Program

This Program is designed for beginning administrators based on a set of competencies required by the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CCTC).

The candidate must possess a valid California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and an employment contract with a school district as an administrator.

California StateUniversity, Los Angeles (CSULA) offers two options to obtain a Professional Administrative Services Credential:

Track 1:  CCTC Standards-Based Program

Track 2:  CCTC Mastery Performance Assessment Program

Professional Administrative Services Credentials are renewable on a 5-year basis with demonstration of professional activities.


Track 1: CCTC Standards-Based Program

Track 1 is designed for the first- and second-year administrators who would need to take a few more courses to deepen their knowledge and skills in educational administration.  Upon successful completion of the 36-quarter unit program over 3 quarters, candidates receive the Professional Administrative Services Credential.  Accepted candidates are placed in a cohort that meets one evening a week either on campus or online for three 11-week quarters. 

Overview of Track 1:

Required Courses (18 units)

EDAD 594 (3 units) Development of Induction Plan

EDAD 595 (3 units)  Seminar:  Candidate Assessment

EDAD 582 (9 units) Practicum

EDAD 584 (3 units) District Fieldwork

*Students can substitute 120 hours of documented Administrative, Non-University activities for EDAD 582 and EDAD 584.


Electives (18 units)

Three EDAD 598 Graduate Directed Studies Special-topic seminars will be designed to meet the needs of individual candidates.

A Sample Course Schedule:

Quarter 1               Quarter 2               Quarter 3

EDAD 594 (3)           EDAD 584 (3)           EDAD 595 (3)

EDAD 582 (3)           EDAD 582 (3)           EDAD 582 (3)

EDAD 598 (6)           EDAD 598 (6)           EDAD 598 (6)




Track 2:  CCTC Mastery Performance Assessment Program

Track 2 is designed for the EXPERIENCED administrators who are ready to demonstrate their competence required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) for the Professional Administrative Services Credential Standards.  A minimum of two years of successful experiences as an administrator with the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential is required to be eligible for this Mastery Option. 

This Mastery Option can be completed between 4-6 weeks during summer.  While it offers the benefit of "speed," it is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive program.  We strongly recommend that you take this option during your off-quarter, when you do not have regular administrative assignments.
This Mastery Option program is designed after the assessment process for the National Board Certificate for Professional Teachers.  Only those candidates who have successfully demonstrate the competence required by the CCTC through multiple assessment, including portfolio assessment, are recommended for the Professional Administrative Services Credential.

Quotes from Graduates:
Here are some quotes from the past participants:

“I am so glad that CalState had the foresight to see that a program like this was very much needed!  Having the opportunity to complete the program entirely during the summer was absolutely wonderful!  It will allow me to focus more on my job during the school year, and have time in the evening for my family.  I found it very valuable.  Thanks CSULA!”

“My words cannot express the appreciation I feel for having this vehicle for meeting the Tier II requirement.  I compare it to the many courses I’ve had in educational administration and it surpassed them al in terms of being a genuinely meaningful experience.”

“[This program] is really streamlined the whole process by eliminating much of the non-academic paperwork so that we could concentrate on learning… This Tier 2 program was really meaning-centered and valuable for working administrators like me.  We were led to come to grips with and learn the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders on our own terms; through our recognition of how we already employ many of them in our daily leadership practices.  The program also provided us with opportunities to improve as administrators by making us identify for ourselves the areas of leadership in which we needed to improve.”

 Required Courses (16 units)

EDAD 596A (6 units)

   Reflection and Assessment for Mastery of Fieldwork

EDAD 596B (6 units)

   Portfolio Assessment for Mastery of FW Performance Standards

EDAD 598 (4 units)

   Graduate Directed Study