CSULA: Educational Administration FAQ




  1. I know I need to apply to the University as well as the department, I started the Graduate application process for the University, do I need  really need Academic references for the Graduate application? Or will references from my director or coordinator be OK.? 

Our program is a graduate-level program that leads to the MA degree so we only accept those who have demonstrated competence in academic rigor that'll be required.  We also require one recommendation letter from a practicing administrator, therefore, your director or coordinator can certainly write one for you.  Our division staff will mail you an application package.  Please read the cover letter carefully for eligibility and requirements. 

  1. What is the cost per semester/quarter?

The tuition fee was $1,206.75/quarter as of Fall 06, subject to change.

  1. I will have 2 years with PPS Credential in June 2007 and I know the cohort program stats in Spring 2007. That means I am a couple of months short. Will this mean I will not be able to start the program in the Spring 2007?

Yes and No.  If you're that close, we MAY admit you, IF OTHER factors are assessed to be outstanding from the application review and a seat is available.

  1. Are the requirements for the program through the LAUSD cohort the same as the requirements if done without a cohort?

All of our programs are offered through a cohort model, i.e., you are admitted as a cohort member.   If you have a personal need to be flexible, such as slow pacing in the program or unusual family or school responsibilities, etc, then we make a special arrangement for you.  In this case, you will not belong to a specific cohort, however, you'll be assigned to various cohorts depending on the classes being offered and the classes you need.  It may be necessary for you to skip a quarter if we don't offer classes you need during the quarter you want to take them.  What I can tell you is that we do our best to accommodate your special needs and help you complete the program ASAP.

  1. I am interested in the Admin Credential program that is being put together as a COHORT for LAUSD. The flyer I received stated you had to have a teaching credential, but I have a PPS credential.  I guess my question is, Can I still apply if I have the PPS credential and MS in Counseling instead? 

On the cover page of the application package it should state, "  California Professional Teaching Credential or equivalent credential."  PPS is one of the equivalent credentials and the counseling experience with the PPS is equivalent to the classroom teaching experience.  So if you have at least 2 years of experience with the PPS credential, you'll be eligible. 

  1. I am having some personal family problems at this time and would like to withdraw from this fall quarter.  I understand that the drop process would have to be through Admin 146 and the department.  I would like to start back in the Winter quarter 2007, is that possible?   What is the procedure?  Would I have to re-apply? 

Since we don't have a new cohort in Winter 07, you'll have to wait till Spring 07 to re-join the program.

If you let our division staff know, they'll be more than happy to move your file to Spring 07 so you don't have to submit the entire application package again.  However, you'll need to re-apply to the University, i.e., pay the application fee and get another set of official transcripts for the University Admissions Office. Please call the division office, 323-343-4330 to find out when the university application is due.


  1. At the time that I started working for Los Angeles Unified Schools as a Speech and language Specialist the CBEST was not required. Do I need to take the CBEST for entering the Masters/credentialing program?

While the passing of the CBEST is a requirement for admission to our program, you'll be wavered for that requirement if the overall evaluation of all other admission criteria is excellent, provided that you submit a documentation that you're scheduled to take the CBEST within the next several months. The CBEST is a requirement for ALL NEW credentials by the California Commission on Teaching Credential, i.e., you'll be required to submit a document of passing the CBEST when you complete our program to apply for the Administrative Services Credential.

  1. How do I take the WPE and what's the implication of not completing this requirement?

You can get more info about WPE from the university website, /faculty/nganesa/MSIS/WPE.htm. Below, I've copied a section re: exemptions to WPE for your reference.  Most of our students who graduated from another university are eligible for the second exemption.  If you can prove that Chapman is an accredited college, you can ask the Associate Dean's office to reconsider your case.   Otherwise, if you must take the WPE, the Schedule of Classes is available online through GET, https://get.calstatela.edu/servlets/psportal/paprodb/?cmd=start&

You must satisfy the WPE requirement before you can be advanced to the candidacy lest your graduation filing may be delayed. 

  1. I received a letter from the college asking for a copy of CBEST score with the original score sheet.  I guess it for a purpose of confirming the writing score.  However, as I was looking for the original scores, I was only able to find a copy of the score sheet.  I probably sent the original with another program that I attended years ago.  So I took the copy that I had to the university, and they told me that they need to see the original.  I told them that it is a copy from the original.  So, they finally told me that if I could talk to you about it then they would accept the copy from me without looking at the original. Here are my thoughts.  Although I would love to order the original copy of the test scores from the CBEST testing site, it costs $15 with 2-3 weeks of waiting time.  Do I really need to go and get the original copy?

Yes. The reason the office is asking to see the original is because they had incidents in the past with forged scored.  The technology does wonders for our life but when used by wrong people, it becomes very strong weapon to destroy trust in the society.  So resulted this policy of checking the original scores in that office.

Class Registration

  1. When is the registration period?

The University informs you the assigned registration period. You will need to pay the fees 3-4 days prior to the beginning of the registration period in order to access to the GET system.

  1. When do I get the registration info?

Our Division staff emails you the registration information 5-6 weeks prior to the beginning of the registration. If you do not receive the registration information, please call the division office at 323-343-4330.


  1. I would like to do my fieldwork with the supervisor who does not have a copy of his credential and can only provide his credential number. Would that be a problem? Should I find someone else?

Ask him to download the credential info from the www.ctc.ca.gov. 

  1. I have a new site supervisor who is expecting her administrative credential to come in the mail any day. In the meantime, when she prints out her "credential," she gets verification that she has a Certification of Eligibility for the administrative services credential. Is this sufficient for a site supervisor?

The Certificate of Eligibility is fine. 

  1. My supervisor and I have not officially met although I have attempted to contact her several times.  I have e-mailed her the handbook and informed her of the program but I haven't received any response from her yet.   Do you think I should try a different school instead?

It's your decision to make.  You'll need to decide if this is a usual behavior pattern of this principal or not.  Remember, it's not the principal but you whose grade depends on meeting the deadline. 

  1. For the 5 hours of shadowing a student with disabilities:  Does it need to be the same student for 5 hours or can it be different students totaling 5 hours of observations?  Also, can the student be in an inclusion/RSP class or would you prefer SDC?

You can spend 5 hours in any way you want.  Also the purpose of this activity is for you to experience the difficulties that the disabled students go through daily.  If you think shadowing a student in an inclusion/RSP class helps you learn better, you can do so.  When you make a decision about learning opportunities in this program, reflect upon how better you'll learn to prepare yourself to be a good educational leader rather than how convenient the learning opportunities will be.

  1. In the fieldwork class requirements, it states "In two (2) doubled-spaced pages"......does this mean to reflect on all 20 hours for each of your classes in two pages double spaced or 2 pages for each individual task?  For example, in EDAD 566B, there are schedule of classes, substitute teachers, teachers' union, and in-service training.  I would write 2 pages of reflection for each or is it overall?

Yes, the reflection summary is an essay you'll write at the end of the quarter, reflecting on ALL the activities you've done.  Keep in mind, you do NOT create this essay, though.  You only need to respond to the prompts provided in the syllabus. 

Leave of Absences

  1. I am currently enrolled in the program. Unfortunately, I am unable to keep up with the required classwork and fieldwork at this time. I am going through some very difficult family problems and I need to dedicate more time to my family. I do not want to withdraw completely from the program. I really want to stay in the program but I can not handle the workload at time in my life.

You will need to fill out a withdrawal form from the Division Office.  Ask Betty or Karen in the office for assistance.  They can sign in for the instructor and the advisor.  Please explain the situation to your instructor before you submit this form as a professional courtesy.

Credential Application

  1. Is it possible to still get my administrative credential paperwork processed through the university even though I graduated this past June? If not, where do I go to get it processed?

I'm assuming that you did NOT apply for the credential during your last quarter before you completed the program.  If you have paid for the control card at the beginning of the program, yes, you can process it through the Office of Student Services within the seven years from the completion of your program.  If you have not paid for the control card, you'll need to pay $65 at the cashier's office first. This office is the only place where you can apply for the credential through if you're planning to use our EDAD program to satisfy the training option for the CCTC requirement.