Department of Student Services

Welcome to the College of ECST Student Academic Support Services!

Welcome to the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology (ECST) Student Academic Support Services (SASS) office!  Our mission is to provide empowering educational opportunities to nurture student academic, professional, leadership, and social development.  We do this by developing collaborative relationships with academic departments within our college, campus resources, and community partners to strengthen the students’ learning experience.

For the College of ECST SASS, students come first!  The SASS team is composed of committed staff members, student facilitators, and peer advisors dedicated to maximizing your college experience.

Our primary responsibilities include facilitating the transition from high school to college, assist first and second-year students with academic  and personal advisement, building community within our college while nurturing a non-threatening environment that  provides students with a “home-away-from-home” experience, connecting students to academic preparation programs, student leadership organizations, faculty, staff, campus and community resources, and scholarship and internship opportunities.

Our services are offered through several academic preparation programs:

MESA Engineering Program (MEP)
MESA Schools Program (MSP)
Summer Transition to ECST Program (STEP)
Advisement and Recruitment Center