5151 State University Drive • Los Angeles • CA 90032

at the end of the academic year.

Seniors from College of Engi-

neering, Computer Science, and

Technology will be working on the

following project for the 2009-

2010 academic year:

structure of the program exposes

develop a client-defined product.

teams of four engineering/comput- This product may be a physical

er science students to an industry

prototype, software package, or

setting, where they work with a

operational algorithm. Regardless

real client (the company or indus-

of project type, student teams are

try partner) for a full academic

expected to meet the needs of

year (1200 hour minimum) to

their client, and deliver a product

Industry Projects

Aerospace Corp.

Spacelift Telemetry Acquisition & Reporting Sys.

Extend the JavaSTARS system to add a means

to allow more sophisticated diagnosis rules, or

re-implement the system in eclipse RCP.


Inflatable Structures for the Mars Lander

Based on feedback provided by Boeing about

last year’s system, redesign, fabricate, and test

an inflatable structure that will allow a Mars

lander to safely deliver an instrument payload

to the surface of Mars.

Direct TV

Stud Detector for Stucco Walls

DIRECTV would like to have a low-cost device

designed that would allow a satellite dish installer

to non-invasively locate the position of wooden

studs through common residential stucco walls.


Instrumentation & Control of an Electric-

Assisted Single Person Commuter Vehicle

Design the control and instrumentation system

for an electrical-assisted single person commuter

vehicle for a driver and up to 75 lbs of luggage.

Los Alamos National Lab.

Thermal Imaging System for the

LANSCE 1L Target

Harvey Mudd College and California State University,

Los Angeles are tasked with the electro-mechanical

design and fabrication of a prototype non-intercept-

ing thermal imaging concept to determine proton

beam location and power distribution information for

the LANSCE particle accelerator facility.

Medtronic MiniMed

Integration of a GUI and OTC Blood Glucose

Meter into a Wireless Glucose Monitoring Sys.

Create a stand-alone device to continuously moni-

tor the levels of blood sugar in patients with Type I


Re-engineering TFRMQS

Apply a software systems engineering approach to

redefine system requirements, design and develop

database/datamart interfaces, query techniques

and reporting capabilities, and define and execute

the appropriate testing program for the Trouble

and Failure Reporting Management Query System


PXI Instrumentation Calibration

The PXI (“pixie”) is used to support interactive modu-

lar instruments and consists of a chassis containing

a power supply and a PCI backplane with control

and interface provided through a PC or MAC work-

station. The customer (NAVSEA Corona) wants

to understand how the PXI works when instrument

modules are installed in different chassis and the ac-

curacy of the instrument within the different chassis.

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College of Engineering, Computer Science & Technology

Transforming Dreams Into Reality





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Harmonic Filter

Build a circuit that will filter out high harmonic fre-

quencies on substation ground relays.

US Government Printing Office

PDF Image Extraction

Extract images from PDF files and associate the

Photo courtesy CSULA ECST: Examples of the first Senior Design meeting with clients, faculty and students

Transforming Dreams Into Reality

College of Engineering, Computer Science & Technology

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Northrop Grumman Areospace Systems

dispense hydrogen fuel within 1.5% error to hydro-

Correlation Studies of Ionospheric and

gen-fueled vehicles.

Industry Projects


Tropospheric Delays for GPS

Space Systems / Loral

Solar Array Wing Dployment

Design a solar array that has the same or less stow-

age volume as existing arrays on satellites, thus giv-

ing the option to deliver more power to new satellites

with higher energy demands.

Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison

Analyze raw measurement data available from

a multitude of satellite locations and perform cor-

relation studies of the data as a function of space,

time and frequency. Develop methods that allow

separation of the contribution of the ionospheric and

tropospheric delays which are often observed in


Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Restraint on Mill/Trim Fixtures

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

Creating Stereo Imagery


Automated Residential Wind Turbine

Develop a prototype micro wind turbine generator for

use in suburban residential areas. This prototype will

generate enough renewable power for the average

Southern California household to operate, and must

be low-cost, quiet, and aesthetically pleasing.


Electric Modeling of the Impacts of Solar PV

on Distribution Circuits

Model a typical distribution grid and determine the

effect of penetration of a large solar photovoltaic

power generation system on delivered power quality

when subjected to typical solar power variations

throughout the day.


Innovative Ways to Improve Aerospace Part

Develop a restraint methodology to improve the tool-

ing process for trimming composite aerospace parts.

(Azusa, CA)

Utilize multiple scenes from satellite data to create

stereo images.

Pratt & Whittney Rocketdyne

Wind Tunnel Testing of a Solar Power

Plant Heliostat

The PWR team must determine potential failure

modes of a power plant heliostat by developing a

computational fluid dynamics model, and by validat-

ing this model via wind tunnel testing of a sub-scale



High Accuracy Hydrogen Dispensing System

Develop a dispensing mechanism that will accurately


Southern California Edison

images with HTML pages.

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graphicsgraphicsgraphics Trinh Pham

Design, build, and compete a fuel-efficient vehicle

that will travel the longest distance on a specified

amount of fuel.

Research Projects


CSULA Fluids Lab

Experimental Core Facility for the

Analysis & Control of Thermofluid Systems

Develop an experimental facility for thermal systems

studies using three test beds: the first to be used for

heat exchanger studies, the second for the analysis

of natural convection loops, and the third for studies

of pressure-driven flows in pipes.


Light Electric Vehicle

Human Powered Vehicle



Design, build and compete a vehicle that operates

completely on human power, and is able to transport

small payloads short distances over obstacles typi-

cally seen on city streets.

Design and build a mini-robot that can navigate a

maze and automatically find the center of the maze.

The design must incorporate sensors, motors, and a

microcomputer that students will program.


5151 State University Drive • Los Angeles • CA 90032

Formula SAE

Design, build, and compete a single-seat formula

one style racecar for the weekend racer.

Build a radio-controlled aircraft that meets the crite-

ria dictated in the SAE Aero Design rulebook & has

been established by SAE International. The compe-

tition has stipulations that restrict overall size and

gross weight that includes the aircraft and payload.

SAE Baja

Design, build, and compete an off-road vehicle to

compete in a 1000 mile course.

For questions or inquiries, contact

Dr. Trinh K. Pham

Director - Senior Design

(323) 343-4498 •

College of Engineering, Computer Science & Technology

Transforming Dreams Into Reality

CSULA NASA Space Center

Optical Visualization of Reacting & Non-Reacting

Flow in a Jet Engine Combustor

Correlate flow structure information collected with a

Schlieren system to swirl number, equivalence ratio,

and pollutant emissions in a jet engine combustion


CSULA NASA Space Center

Control System


State Estimation on a Decentralized

Develop a state estimation technique to defect faults

Design, build, and test a vehicle that provides

in the presence of noise for the James Webb Space

electric power to supplement human energy. One of

Telescope (JWST), which will be used to collect light

the primary objectives is to build the lightest vehicle

from distances further than the Hubble telescope is

possible for the lowest cost.

currently able to reach.



Competition Projects