What is this?

What is this?

CS 201 is introduction to Java programming, which helps students to build the foundation of the programming. By utilizing the online resources(Udacity videos and lecture slides), students will have a more flexible schedule to study the material for the course.

Flow Chart

The following flow chart shows how students should prepare for each week, separated into three sections(pre-class @ any place, day-1 class @ classroom, day-2 class @ classroom). In each section, students are expected to finish the items in to-do on the back of the "card"(click the question mark to see the back of the card).


In pre-class, you will need to watch the Udacity video and read through the Lecture Notes and book if anything you don't get from the udacity video as well as to prepare for the conceptual quiz at the end of day 1.

Pre-Class {{ preItems }}

  1. Have looked at this web-site
  2. Sign-up for Udacity

Day 1 - Class

In this section, students can bring questions up in class and have in class discussion regarding the udacity video and homework from pre-class in class.

Day 1 - Class {{ items1 }}

  1. Udacity Video
  2. Review
  3. Quiz

Day 2 - Class

In class programming lab!

Day 2 - Class {{ items2 }}

  1. Programming Lab


The left chart is the grading policy

  • 40% Homework
  • 20% Quiz
  • 20% Midterm
  • 20% Final

Need Help?

If you need any help while studying the material or watching the lecture video, please feel free to make a post at CSNS forum. Link is at the bottom of the page.

Or come to the office hour of TA or instructor as the following schedule.