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Instructional Web Site Request
An Instructional Web Site is a directory on the curriculum server. You create, with the assistance of FITSC staff, the materials (syllabus, WebFolio, simulation, etc.) using Netscape Composer, MS Word, html, dynamic html, CGI/Perl, and other Internet tools or editors, and then upload them to your directory.

In contrast, WebCT already contains interactive tools like email, a bulletin board, chat rooms, etc.. If you need a WebCT course instead of an Instructional Web Site, click here. If you are unsure about which resource will best fit your instructional needs, call (5607 or 6594), or stop  by FITSC in Fine Arts, Room 138.

The following information is required to create an Instructional Web site. Please call George Taylor at  323-343-5607 if you need additional information.
Date Requested (01/01/2000):
Instructor (George Taylor) :
Phone (5607) :
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