Intern Funding Questions

Does the Intern program offer scholarships, grant funding, or financial assistance?

The Intern program does not have any funding available. Other grant funding may be available for some of the Education Specialist credential areas. Contact the advisor in your specialization area for information regarding federal grant funds. A number of University scholarships are available for CCOE students. Please contact the Center for Student Financial Aid for applications and procedures. As a Special Education teacher candidate you may be eligible for loan cancellation programs. The Center for Student Financial Aid can provide further information for this as well.


Intern Credential Questions

I am interested in the Intern program, but am not currently employed by a school district or non-public school. Am I eligible to apply for the program?

There are a number of requirements that you must meet to be eligible for the intern program. One requirement is that you have an offer of employment in a special education assignment in the area in which you are seeking the Education Specialist credential. You may begin the application process and receive conditional acceptance to the Intern Program, contingent upon your securing a job in your field.


A school district has expressed interest in hiring me as an intern. What are my next steps?

See the application page link for the University and Charter College of Education applications. To apply for the Intern program, you should make an appointment to meet with Jennifer Revilla in the CCOE Advisement Center (323) 343-4320.


What happens after I turn in my Intern credential application?

CCOE Student Services processes your Intern credential application and then submits it to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). When CTC has fully processed your application, you will receive an email from CTC requesting that you pay the fee for the intern credential. You can pay CTC directly by credit or debit card. Your intern credential will be available online from CTC when it has been approved. You can check the CTC website for updates on the status of the review process. It usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks.


I have a B.A. Degree and have passed the CBEST and CSET exams. Am I eligible to enter the intern program once I have a job offer?

There are other requirements including:

U.S. Constitution course (or equivalent exam)
Minimum GPA of 2.75 in last 90 quarter units of coursework
Passing grades in pre-requisite courses EDSP 4001: Observations in Urban Classrooms, and EDSP 4000: Foundations of Special Education, or Multiple or Single Subjects credential; Interview with Jennifer Revilla or Abril Trasvina (KHD2078)


What does it mean to be "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB) compliant? How do I meet this requirement?

NCLB compliant means that you have demonstrated subject matter competence. You demonstrate subject matter competence by taking the CSET multiple or single subjects exam or by completing 32 semester units in a CTC approved program in one of the core subject areas.


I have been teaching in general education with a multiple subject credential for over five years. Do I need to take the CSET?

If you received your preliminary multiple subject credential before the CSET was required (in 2003), you do not need to take the CSET.


If I am a CSULA ULRN student, do I need to take the CSET exam?

You will need to take the CSET-multiple subject or single subject (in one of the core areas) or you will need to have completed 32 semester units in a CTC approved program in one of the core subject areas (math, science, English, social science).


As a ULRN student, can I be an intern?

You need to have a B.A. degree in order to be eligible for the intern program. Once you complete the B.A. program and have a job offer as a special education teacher, you can become an intern.


If I already hold a special education credential in one area, for example, Mild/Moderate disabilities, and want to earn a second special education credential in another area, for example, VI, can I get credit for some of the classes I have taken?

 You will need to meet with the advisor of the credential area you want to pursue (M/M, M/S, VI, PHI, or ECSE) and have the advisor review the classes you have completed for your first special education credential. The advisor will identify what additional coursework you will need to complete to earn the special education credential in the second area.


I do not work or live near CSULA, is it possible to take courses at a university in my area and transfer coursework?

You must meet with a faculty advisor to determine which courses you should take. Transfer courses must be equivalent to those courses required by the CSULA credential program.


I live a long way from CSULA. How can I get my PHI or VI credential?

Candidates who live more than 75 miles (one way) from Cal State LA can complete the PHI or VI credential through a combination of on-site and distance-delivered classes. Please contact Dr. Christina Kimm (for PHI) at (323) 343-4407 or Dr. Cheryl Kamei-Hannan (for VI) at (323) 343-6297.


What is a "subject matter preparation" program?

CTC requires that you demonstrate depth and breadth of knowledge in your subject area. If you are planning to teach at the elementary level, then by passing the CSET-multiple subjects exam, you have demonstrated subject matter competence. If you are planning to teach at the secondary level, you can demonstrate subject matter competence by taking the CSET single subject matter exam in one of the core subject areas or you can complete 32 semester units in a CTC approved program in one of the core subject areas. ECSE candidates are not required to take a subject matter examination; ECSE intern candidates demonstrate subject matter competency through completion of a Child Development undergraduate major or equivalent.


Is there an application fee to enter the program?

 There is an application fee to apply to Cal State LA and an application fee to apply to the CCOE. The intern credential has an additional fee that is paid to CTC directly. There is not a separate fee to apply to the intern program.


When is the deadline to apply to the intern program?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and applicants are accepted into the program every fall and spring semester.


Does CSULA offer classes during Summer Quarter?

Yes, there is a limited course offering during Summer Quarter.


How many Special Education intern credentials can I complete?

If you complete your first Special Education credential as an intern, you cannot enroll in the intern program for any other Special Education credential.