Master of Arts Degree Moderate/Severe Disabilities Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive Examination

Option 1: Comprehensive Examination

This option is most popular and recommended for a sure timely completion of the degree. You will be provided with comprehensive examination study guide ahead of time. Many students form a study group to prepare and to support one another. The comprehensive examination for the M.A. degree in Special Education option in Moderate/Severe disabilities provides an opportunity to demonstrate comprehensive and integrative knowledge in both general special education and the specialization area of Moderate/Severe disabilities. It consists of the following there parts:

  • Period I: General Special Education (90 minutes)
  • Period II: Specialization – Research and Theory (2 hours)
  • Period III: Specialization – Pathology and Methodology (2 hours)

Comprehensive examination standards

  • Candidates must take the comprehensive examination at the administration offered nearest to the final quarter of their program.
  • Candidates must have maintained a minimum B (3.0) GPA in all course work on the program, with no grade below a C to be approved to take the comprehensive examination.
  • Candidates must have been approved for Advancement to Candidacy (Form GS-10).

See the “Student Advisement Handbook for Master’s Degree Programs” for detail.

Study materials and guideline for the comprehensive exam is available on moodle.


Master of Arts Degree in Special Education Option in Moderate/Severe Disabilities