Current and Interested Students

Current and Interested Students

Welcome to the Educational Foundations program! We are the cabinet for the Student Led-EDFN program. Since this Master's program does not have a cohort based system, we decided to work together to create a quasi-format organization to facilitate the interaction between us students. Currently, there are five official members of the cabinet but we, the students in the Educational Foundations program, share the responsibilities to make this club work.

This club is a way for those who are currently in or interested in joining the EDFN graduate program to get information and support from fellow students. Our group will either give you an answer to your question, or find someone who may have the answer. Any individuals please feel free to contact one of the members of our board. Study groups are held in the Graduate Resource Center on Level A in the library (as far down as you can go- straight ahead as you exit the stairs or elevator


The following are some members of our current cabinet:



Alexandria Grace Vickery 
M.A. Candidate
Pronouns: She/her/hers 
  • Expected graduation date: May 2020, with a thesis!
  • Research interests: queer studies, mental health services, alternative discipline, trauma-informed/healing-centered education practices
  • Goals: Program Direction within a Community School
  • Important identities: queer, Jewish, first-generation graduate student
  • Contact information: [email protected]
Hi, I'm Alexandria! I've been working in alternative and traditional education spaces for the last 10 years. After seeing how many of my students were marginalized by traditional schooling practices, and how many of them benefited from alternative/progressive education approaches, I am pursuing my Master's in Educational Foundations to create more equitable and accessible education spaces. I am particularly interested in how joy-based approaches to learning can lead to community healing for racially/ethnically minority students in low-SES schools. Outside of school, I'm a comics artist, keyboardist, plant lover, and clown (for real). I care a lot about relationships and mental health, and I'm always available to talk about the EDFN program with future, current, or past students.

Altantsatsral (Alta) Yansanjav

M.A Candidate

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


  • Expected graduation date: May 2020
  • Research interests: international education, export education, support in higher education, educational policy,
  • Goals: Contribute my community, explore study abroad opportunities for students
  • Important identities: Mongolian, Mother of three, International Student
  • Contact information: [email protected]


I am from Mongolia. I got my undergrad degree back in Mongolia in English studies. I also did MBA focusing on productivity at the workplace.

During my career in education back in Mongolia, I handled affairs related to international and Mongolian students studying abroad under bilateral agreements. I also managed collaboration with different institutions, including embassies, government, non-government, and higher education organizations, to assist students with immigration-related issues and for further career development. I am grateful that our program offers courses that focus on cultural understanding and appreciation necessary for connecting with my peers. Let`s learn together.