Admission Procedures

Admission Procedures

Visit the  CAL STATE APPLY  website and compete your application to Cal State Los Angeles by the posted deadline for the semester for which you are seeking admission (see  You can access CAL STATE APPLY via the following website:  

2. Concurrently with your application to Cal State Los Angeles via CAL STATE APPLY, complete the supplemental Application for the M.A. Program in Educational Foundations which can be found in the 4th section of the CAL STATE APPLY application.

Tips for preparing application materials:

  • We ask that one of your letters of recommendation be written by someone who can speak to your academic qualifications for graduate study (e.g. a professor or advisor from your undergraduate course of study). The other letter may be from an additional academic reference or someone who can speak to your work in a professional or work setting, or who can speak to your preparation for applied intellectual work in a different way.

  • Review the list of courses included on the "Program Information Sheet" ( and be sure that the content of our program is aligned with your interests.

  • In your personal statement, please make connections between what you hope to learn by studying in the Educational Foundations program and your future goals.

3. Upon notification of admission to the M.A. Program, contact the Program Coordinator to schedule an initial advisement meeting.  The Program Coordinator can be contacted at the following e-mail address: [email protected]