Certificate Transition Specialist Why Transition Specialist?

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the Transition Specialist Certificate program is to train teachers and counselors to become competent in (1) conducting research to contribute in policy making and evidence-based practices in current transition field, (2) providing and designing appropriate and effective transition services to students with disabilities, and (3) evaluating transition plans in the light of collaboration among professionals including business and community leaders as well as parents, teachers, and other adult service professionals in the multicultural/multilingual urban settings.

Professional Commitments, Dispositions, and Values

Graduates of the Transition Specialist Certificate program will develop a commitment to optimizing the outcome for all students with disabilities who are in transition from early childhood to adulthood. Candidates of this program will be aware of the importance of transition programs for students with disabilities, the various roles and functions of professionals in transition, and the impact of cultural diversity on education. They must be able (1) to conduct research in transition studies for academic advancement and career development, (2) to provide culturally appropriate transition services; (3) to build collaboration with the adult service providers, community leaders and business owners; (4) to promote parent participation of young adults with disabilities; (5) to build partnerships among professionals for effective collaboration; and (6) to evaluate the effectiveness of current transition plans.

Career Options

  • Advocacy Organizations: Advocating for children/people with disabilities
  • Public Schools*: Providing a transition service plan for students with disabilities who are in transition from school to adulthood.
  • Transition Service Organizations: Serving as a transition specialist who conducts transition assessments, Building inter-agency collaboration
  • Rehabilitation Counselors**: Developing jobs and providing job coaching
  • School Counselors***: Providing various counseling including career counseling
  • Regional Center Counselor: Providing services for people with developmental disabilities
  • Post-secondary institutes: You can work as a counselor for students with disabilities who attend colleges and universities

* To be a school teacher, you need to complete the teaching credential.
** To become a certified Rehabilitation Counselor, you need to complete the rehabilitation master's program.
*** To become a certified School Counselor, you need to complete the school counseling program.


For more information on career options: http://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/21-1015.00


Certificate Transition Specialist