Certificate Transition Specialist FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What students have to apply for a certificate? 

A: Beginning Fall 2011 (9-22-11) any student completing a baccalaureate, post baccalaureate or graduate certificate who is completing their final quarter for the certificate or who has completed the certificate during a prior term
Q: When does the student have to apply? 
A: During the quarter that they are completing the certificate. 
Q: Does a student who finished Summer 2011 or before have to apply to receive a certificate? 
A: YES – Starting 9-22-11, any student, regardless of completion term will have to apply for a certificate. 
Q: What if the student finished the certificate during a previous quarter, when do they apply? 
A: As soon as possible. 
Q; For those students that apply on time, when will their certificate be posted? 
A: At the end of the quarter in which they complete the requirements for the certificate after grades are released; just like final grad checks. 
Q: For those that applied late, when will their certificates post? 
A: Approximately 7 to10 business days after the graduation office receives the application and certificate program sheet from the department
Q: Where can a student pick up a certificate application? 
A: Students can pick up an application in Enrollment Services, Administration 146. Students can download the application from the Schedule of Classes area of the CSULA website: 
It is also available on the Graduation area of the CSULA website: http://www.calstatela.edu/academic/registrar/grad_off.ph

Q: How does a student apply? 
A: The certificate application form has the complete instructions attached to it. 
Q: How much is the application fee? 
A: $25 which includes the cost of the certificate. 
Q: Does the certificate post on the student’s transcript? 
A: Yes 
Q: When and how will the certificate get to the student? 
A: The certificate will be sent to the address that the student entered on the application form by the graduation office. The departments no longer have to pick them up in Administration 409. The certificates will be sent approximately two to 4 weeks after the certificate is posted to the transcript. 
Q: Who will be processing the certificates? 
A: The Graduation Office’s evaluators. 
Contacts are as follows: 
Arts and Letters Evelyn Chicas X3-3891 
Business and Economics Zylia Montana X3-3896 
Charter College of Education Evelyn Chicas X3-3891 
E, CS, & T Tanesha Collier X3-3885 
*Health and Human Services Gabe Reyes X3-3887 
Natural and Social Sciences Patty Jorgensen X3-3847 
*Supervisor Gabe Reyes X3-3887

Certificate Transition Specialist