Certificate Transition Specialist Admission


Coursework and Field Experience:

Transition Special Certificate is built upon three programs; teaching specialist program, rehabilitation counseling program, and school counseling program. Teaching credential program and School counseling program are critical for those students who want to become competent in the area of transition service needs for students with disabilities in public school system. Rehabilitation counseling program is critical for those who want to work with young adults and adults in the Rehabilitation services and social service fields. Through the credential programs, they will learn the generic area of special education and counseling, unique educational needs of students with disabilities who are in transition, and collaboration among professionals. Through the certificate programs in counseling, they will learn the generic area of special education and rehabilitation counseling, unique technique to counsel young adults and adults in rehabilitation system, and collaboration among professionals.

Transition plans for young adults with disabilities should be comprehensive including not only plans for vocational aspect but also plans for independent living, career in general, recreation and leisure, community living, and post-secondary education according to students’ interests and preference. All candidates in the Transition Specialist Certificate will be trained to meet all areas of curriculum and practical instructional strategies which are specifically designed for planning and teaching students with disabilities who are in transition. Furthermore, candidates will be trained to involved in research and to discuss current issues in students with disabilities who are getting ready to leave school setting to independent adult living setting.

Courses Required:

Course TitleUnitsQuarters Offered*
COUN 450 Counseling Theories3Fall, Winter, Summer
EDSP 481 Building Partnership in Special Education through Life-long Transition4Fall, Winter, Spring
EDSP 579 Developing Informal Assessment and ITP4Winter
EDSP 581 Transition Planning for Secondary Students with Disabilities Winter4Winter
EDSP 503 Fieldwork in Special Education6Require a permit
OR COUN 588C Supervised Practice in Rehabilitation/Career Counseling5 

* The Quarters offering the required courses are subject to change. Check with the quarter schedule.

Certificate Transition Specialist