Young Writers' Camp Testimonials

Young Writers' Camp Testimonials


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    My daughter has been attending the Young Writers' Camp at CSULA since she has been in second grade. Her motivation to write has had an impact on her writing activities in the classroom. I now watch as she writes stories of her own just for fun! It is great to see what this camp has encouraged her to do. 
    Cathy Morales-Urrutia
    YWC returning parent


    To the Staff and all involved in the Los Angeles Young Writers Camp:

    I can't tell you how pleased I am that there is this camp for my daughter Veronica during the summer.  She loves to write.  She must have at least 8 to 10 spiral notebooks with various stories, word games, puzzles, little bits of everything she learns here at the camp.  I love that the culture here is so diverse, last year she met someone from France, and took to speaking to me with the accent.  She then started asking about France and their culture.  So not only is she learning about other places in the world, she is finding that children from different places aren't that different from her.      

    So thank you, thank you, thank you.  She will be coming here until she graduates, and hopefully, come back to share with the next generation.

    Vicky Martinez
    5th time returning parent of Veronica Martinez

    10-2010 My daughter has been going to the Young Writers' Camp for several years now. During Parent Conferences in October her teacher commented on her "excellent" writing abilities and was pleased to hear that there are programs like this one that are helping students to work on their writing skills.
    7-2011 This program is an enriching experience for the children.
    7-2011 My Thank you to all the teachers for their time put into making this program work. The Young Writers' Camp provided my daughter something positive and productive to do for the summer!
    8-2011 My daughter Amanda enjoyed the Writers' Camp. Everyday she would share her writings with me and would comment on how she enjoyed every activity. Everyday she was excited about coming in and writing. Thank you for awakening Amanda's love for writing. We appreciate it and we will be back next year!
    8-2011 My son was reluctant to come to the Writing Camp because writing is not his favorite subject, but after the first day he was hooked. He loved Ted's class.