Grades 7-12

SWI Description:

During the course, students will write a pre-test & post-test about non-fiction autobiographical incident narratives in which something occurred that left a lasting impression on the writer and he/she learned an important lesson. Students will work with models of the narrative writing in the form of fiction and non-fiction to help guide their writing. Students will learn to provide visual details of scenes, objects, or people: to depict specific actions; integrate dialogue and interior monologue that provide insight into the narrator’s and characters’ personalities and motives; and to manipulate pace to highlight the significance of events and create tension and suspense. This type of writing fulfills the requirements for Common Core State Standards ELA Writing Narratives grades 9-12.  Also, it can be used for many purposes, such as, to inform, instruct, persuade, or entertain. Students can apply what they learn: to history/social studies where they write narrative accounts about individuals and in science where students write narrative descriptions of the step-by-step procedures they follow in their investigations.