2017 Camp Descriptions

Summer 2018 Camp Class Descriptions

The Los Angeles Writing Project is a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Writing Project. Located at Cal State LA, we are in our 17th year of offering quality enrichment activities, with this summer promising to be another fun camp experience for all students. All of our teachers bring classroom experience and are highly trained in creating safe and rich learning environments, ensuring that every summer, students leave with the confidence they can use their newly acquired knowledge, strategies, skills, and creativity in their lifelong journey of writing, reading, math, STEAM, and theater.


Morning Camps, 9:00am-12:30pm
Lunch For students enrolled in morning and afternoon camps, 12:30pm-1:00pm Bring your own lunch. Students in grades 7-12 have the option of purchasing lunch from the CSULA Food Court. All students are supervised and walked to their afternoon camp.
Afternoon Camps, 1:00-4:00pm
Extended Learning Makers’ Camp, 7:30am-9:00am & 4:00-6:00pm
This camp accommodates our families’ busy schedules and keeps students engaged in hands-on activities beyond our morning and afternoon camp hours, with opportunities to snack.

Writing Camp (morning) 
The Young Writers' Camps and Secondary Writing Institutes are summer writing programs designed to help students entering 1st through 12th grades develop passion, joy, and skills in writing. Students write in a variety of genres including poetry, personal narratives, and essays. These writing workshops are blended with activities in other creative arts such as drama, music, movement, drawing, and painting. Students will also have opportunities to implement technology to enhance their work. At the end of camp families are invited to an Open House to celebrate students’ achievements, including a portfolio of published and unpublished works and a digital portfolio in the upper grades. 

Family Writing Workshop Camp (morning)
This unique workshop is designed for parents/guardians/grandparents to write with at least one child in grades 1st through 12th in a variety of genres: memoirs, interactive journals, plays, songs, recipes, etc. Families spend quality time together as they write about shared experiences, memories, culture, interests, and language. This is a special experience for all members of the family!

Reading Camp (afternoon)
During Reading Camp CSULA Graduate Reading Program students, who are Candidates for advanced certification to become Reading & Language Arts Specialists in schools, assess students to determine their best group placements. The Candidates then provide intense tutoring services in a summer camp atmosphere with activities which include arts and crafts, snacks, and games.

Math Camp (afternoon)
During Math Camp 3rd through 8th grade students will solve problems related to their daily lives, and tackle real life world issues, as well as any created by their own imaginations. Campers will engage in math exploration and discovery through hands-on activities and technology. Math workshops are blended with activities in creative arts, including drama, music, drawing, and painting. At the end of camp families are invited to an Open House to celebrate students’ achievements, including an assortment of math projects.

STEAM Camp (afternoon)
STEAM Camp is designed to expose students entering 1st through 12th grades to all components of STEAM (S​cience, T​echnology, E​ngineering, A​rt, M​ath) via hands-on activities related to this summer’s exciting themes (TBD). Keeping exploration and imagination in mind, students will research, design, construct, measure, and experiment using materials such as recycled items, student-made and pre-made kits, and Makey Makeys. At the end of camp families are invited to an Open House to celebrate students’ achievements of STEAM-related projects.

Theater Camp (afternoon)
Students in 1st through 12th grades will explore the world of theater through activities that engage their voices, bodies, and imaginations. They will have opportunities to write and perform individual and group skits; learn improvisational and acting techniques; and design scenery, props, and costumes. Theater camp is designed to bring out the performer in all students, outgoing or shy! At the end of camp families are invited to an Open House to watch student performances.

The Los Angeles Writing Project Summer Camp is an inclusive program with Special Education Aides to help support children with neurodiversities and different learning abilities.

Visit our website at www.calstatela.edu/lawp to learn more about our summer camps.