Faculty Research | Biological Sciences


The faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences are engaged in cutting edge research. They mentor graduate students and undergraduates who work in their laboratories. These students often appear as coauthors on scientific publications. Much of this work is supported by external funding agencies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The items in this submenu can be used to browse the research interests of each faculty member. These are oganized into several broad cartegories: ecology and evolution, microbiology and immunology, molecular and developmental biology, animal physiology, and science education and student development. However, the research of many of the faculty members straddle two or more areas. The table below lists the faculty laboratories and specific research interests of each. Clicking on the research interests will bring you to the appropriate web page.

Faculty Research Interests

Laboratory Location Research Interests
Aguilar ASCB 346 Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics
Cohen ASCL 331 Molecular Microbiology
Desharnais ASCB 342 Theoretical Population Biology
Diaz ASCL 309 Evolutionary Develomental Biology of Vertebrates
Eivers ASCL 350 Developmental Biology and Cell Signaling
Fisher ASCL 351 Bryophyte Ecology and Evolution
Heers ASCL 328 Ontegeny and Evolution of Vertebrate Locomotion
Krug ASCL 325 Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Invertebrates
Lanning ASCL 330 Mitochondrial Systems Biology
Narguizian ASCB 341 Evolution Education and Inquiry Learning
Nerenberg BIOS 139 Computational Biophysics
Nissen ASCL 210 Mechanisms in Vertebrate Development
Park ASCL 348 Fungal Pathogenesis
Porter ASCL 333 Innate Mucosal Immunity
Russo-Neustadt ASCL 212 Neurophysiology of the Brain
Salmassi ASCL 327 Environmental Microbiology
Scoffoni ASCB 341 Plant Physiology, Anatomy, Ecology, and Evolution
Sharp ASCL 328 Regulatory Mechanisms of Development
Torres ASCL 311 Taxonomy & Evolution of Marine Ostracodes
Wood ASCL 312 Avian Ecology and Conservation
Wright ASCL 315

Plant Community Ecology, Ecophysiology

Xu ASCL 337 Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
Yamazaki ASCL 309 Cardiovascular Metabolism

Note: ADM = Administration Building, ASCL = Wallis Annenberg Integrated Science Complex-Wing A (La Kretz Hall), ASCB = Wallis Annenberg Integrated Science Complex-Wing B.