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Art Department
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Tel 323.343.4010/4012
Fax 323.343.4045

Department Chair, Dr. Mika Cho

FA 329 Tel 323.343.4013/4012

Department Associate Chair, Professor Richard Wearn

FA 356 Tel 323.343.4020

Department Support Staff

FA 327 Tel 323.343.4010

FA 328 Tel 323.343.4012

Brandon Hudson, Tool Crib Manager
Richard Billick, Photo Lab

Academic/Curriculum Advisors
Dr. Rebecca Davis
[email protected]

Graduate Advisor
Dr. Mika Cho
Appointment @ 323.343.4012/4010

Undergraduate Advisors:

Students should meet individually with the designated faculty in Options of Animation, Art Education, Art History, Graphic Design/Visual Communication, Fashion and Textile and Studio Arts. 

Please contact the deparment for more information.

General Academic advisement
Academic Advisement is required for all new students prior to their first quarter in attendance at CSULA Before registering for classes, you must consult an adviser in your major department or division, or College-Based Advisement Center to plan a program of study.

University Academic Advisement Center
Academic Advisement at CSULA