Undergraduate Programs

Members of the dance program enliven the stage during rehearsal for the Winter Dance Concert in the State Playhouse Wednesday 18 February 2009.

A&L Undergraduate Policies
Office of Undergarduate Studies

The College of Arts and Letters is proud of the undergraduate programs that we currently offer in our nine departments, along with several certificate programs that are growing in popularity. Minors are also available in most of our programs.  Each of our programs provides high quality educational experiences with faculty who are distinguished in their fields of specialty. We are also proud that students who complete our undergraduate programs have chosen many pathways to their personal and professional success. We have a strong history of our undergraduate students getting into some of the top graduate programs around the nation including many of our own graduate programs—both in the College of Arts and Letters and other colleges here at Cal State LA.  Our undergraduate students also go on to complete teaching credentials.  They are working in industry, media, government and a host of occupations in California, the region, the nation, and internationally; fields of study, performance, and public service that have placed a high value on the undergraduate level education that students have received in the College of Arts and Letters at Cal State LA.

Undergraduate Programs

Art (Department of Art): B.A. in Art with Options in Animation, Art Education, Art History, Fashion, Fiber and Materials, Design/Visual Communication, Studio Arts; Minor in Art;  Undergraduate Certificate Program in Fashion, Fiber and MaterialsUndergraduate Certificate Program in Fashion Retailing

Chinese (Department of Modern Languages and Literatures): B.A in ChineseMinor in Chinese 

Classics (Department of Philosophy): Minor 

Communication Studies (Department of Communication Studies): B.A. in Communication, Communication for Social Change, Organizational and Business Communication, Mass Communication (Advertising and Public Relations), Intersecting Identities and Relationships; Minor in Communication 

Comparative Linguistics (Department of English): Minor 

Creative Writing (Department of English): Minor 

Dance (Department of Theatre and Dance): B.A. in Theatre Arts and Dance, Option in Dance

English (Department of English): B.A. in English, General Option, and Single-Subject Teaching Option; Minor in English 

French (Department of Modern Languages and Literatures): B.A. in FrenchMinor in FrenchMinor in Francophone Studies .

Japanese (Department of Modern Languages and Literatures): B.A. in JapaneseMinor in Japanese 

Korean (Department of Modern Languages and Literatures): Minor in KoreanCertificate in Korean 

Liberal Studies (Department of Liberal Studies): Liberal Studies, B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture and Society, Elementary Subject Matter Teacher Preparation Option: Traditional, and Elementary Subject Matter Teacher Preparation Option: Integrated; Minor in Science Fiction Science, Technology, and Medicine Studies MinorWomen's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor  

Music (Department of Music): B.A. in MusicB.Mus. in Music, with Options in Composition, Jazz Studies, Vocal Performance, Instrumental Performance, and Keyboard Performance, Music Education, and Commercial Music; Minor in Music 

Philosophy (Department of Philosophy): B.A. in Philosophy, General Option, Prelaw Option; Minor in ClassicsMinor in Philosophy, General Option and Prelaw Option, 

Spanish (Department of Modern Languages and Literatures): B.A. in SpanishMinor in Spanish 

Television, Film and Media Studies (Department of Television, Film & Media Studies): B.A. in Television, Film and Media Studies, with Options in Journalism, and Television and Film

Theatre Arts (Department of Theatre and Dance): B.A. in Theatre Arts and Dance, with Options in Performance, and Design and Production; Minor in Theatre Arts and Dance 

Women’s Studies (Department of Liberal Studies): Minor