Arts & Letters Student Representatives

College of Arts & Letters Student Representatives

College of Arts & Letters Representatives

College of Arts & Letters Representative
This position is currently vacant
A.S.I. Office: 323-343-4778

College of Arts & Letters Representative
Stephanie Martinez-Arevalo
Phone: 323-343-4778

A.S.I. | Administrative Office (323) 343-4778 | University-Student Union Room 203 | Office Hours Mon-Fri 9:00 am-5:30 pm | Student Service Center (323) 343-4780 | University-Student Union Room 105 | Office Hours Mon-Thur 9:30 am-8:00 pm | Fri 9:30 am-5 pm

Our Purpose
Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) is a not-for-profit student-run auxiliary of the University. ASI is governed by a student Board of Directors, elected each year by the student body of Cal State L.A. ASI is the officially recognized voice of the students. The representatives for the College of Arts & Letters are here to promote the establishment of and provide the means for effective avenues of student growth and development; to provide officials through which student opinion may be expressed; to assist in the protection of the rights and interests of individual students; and to stimulate the educational, social, physical, and cultural well-being of the university community.

Our Vision
Through advocacy and collaboration, we strive to unify, inspire, and engage our campus community.

Our Goals
To unify the Arts & Letters Community through the following methods:

  • Showcasing student talent and scholarship
  • Providing developmental social and academic experiences
  • Offering membership in Lambda Pi Eta, the Honors Society for the College of Arts & Letters
  • Providing student forums

We Want to Hear From You
Take a look at our links on the sidebar at left. You will find a lot of useful resources for the ultimate University experience. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, let us know. Your comments, questions, and concerns are the reason we’re here. You can reach us here:

ASI Administrative Office
phone (323) 343-4778 | fax (323) 343-6415
University Student Union, Room 203