Outstanding Staff

The College of Arts and Letters Salutes its Outstanding Staff

For more than half a century at California State University, Los Angeles has been blessed with an outstanding list of staff who have marshaled the business of the university and many academic units with professional clarity and specificity. Many of these staff members have played a significant role in the professional lives of faculty and in the educational experience of our students.

The College of Arts and Letters has a growing tradition of being represented amongst the University’s recognized list of Outstanding Staff.

While we recognize the list of past winners in the college (below), we also celebrate the work of all our staff. We appreciate the quality of their work and dedication to fulfilling the mission of the college and the university.

2011 Outstanding Staff Award:
Suzanne Galyean, Communication Studies

1995 Outstanding Staff Awards:
Theresa Flores, English/Liberal Studies
Reynald Payne, Communication Studies

1994 Outstanding Staff Awards:
Yolanda Galvan, English

1992 Outstanding Staff Awards:
Jeanne Gee, English
Katherine Nixon, Music