What's Your Major?

We often find that while students know their major, they may not know the college that they are in within the university. California State University Los Angeles is divided into six (6) colleges.

Each college has a set of theories, principles, paradigms and interests that join them together into a unified whole.

Find your major and get to know your college.

COLLEGE OF Arts and Letters
    nullCommunication Studies
    nullLiberal Studies
    nullModern Languages and Literatures
    nullTelevision, Film, & Media Studies
    nullTheatre Arts and Dance

COLLEGE OF Business and Economics
    nullEconomics and Statistics
    nullFinance and Law
    nullInformation Systems

    nullApplied and Advanced Studies in Education
    nullCurriculum and Instruction
    nullSpecial Education and Counseling

COLLEGE OF Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
    nullCivil Engineering
    nullComputer Science
    nullElectrical and Computer Engineering
    nullMechanical Engineering

COLLEGE OF Health and Human Services
    nullChild and Family Studies
    nullCommunication Disorders
    nullCriminal Justice & Criminalistics
    nullHealth Science
    nullKinesiology and Nutritional Science
    nullSocial Work
    nullYouth Agency Administration(Certificate Program)
    null Applied Gerontology (Certificate Program)

COLLEGE OF Natural and Social Sciences
    nullBiological Sciences
    nullChemistry and Biochemistry
    nullChicano Studies
    nullGeography and Urban Analysis
    nullGeological Sciences
    nullLatin American Studies
    nullNatural Science(Interdisciplinary Program)
    nullPan-African Studies
    nullPhysics and Astronomy
    nullPolitical Science
    nullSocial Science(Interdisciplinary Program)