Office of the Associate Dean

Mission Statement: The College of Arts and Letters is committed to providing students with accurate, up-to-date information about their major-specific degree requirements in order for them to become active participants in determining their own success at the university. Each department in the college provides students with information about the curriculum—including the requirements for major options, concentrations, and minors—the faculty in each department seeks to empower students to become self-directed advocates in determining their own future goals and establishing academic paths that help them achieve their full potential.


Associate Dean: The Office of the Associate Dean is the primary point of contact and referral for students who have general questions about a major ensuring that each department maintains and upholds expectations and learning outcomes of the college in general and the departments in particular. Hence, the Office of the Associate Dean is the office that oversees and coordinates the advisement activities at the departmental level.  The College assists students when departmental offices, faculty, or staff are unavailable.  The Office of the Associate Dean  acts as a supplemental academic resource by having university forms, academic major information, and other general handouts available for students. 

The Office of the Associate Dean is also the final signatory and point of approval for many student administrative processes inclusive, but not limited to the following: adds, drops, course overloads, thesis related activities, academic probation, disqualification, and reinstatements.

The Office of the Associate Dean also addresses student affairs related issues inclusive of coordinating orientation and outreach events in the college for new and transfer students, as well as addressing grade appeals and grievance related concerns.

The Associate Dean serves as the College Graduate Dean and is thus also involved in facilitating processes related to graduate education and advisement. Copies of graduate programs are on file and maintained in the Office of the Associate Dean—the office also facilitates processes of advancing students to candidacy and finalizing graduation applications.

Interim Associate Dean:  Dr. Kevin Baaske

Location:   Music 231

Phone: (323) 343-4004

E-mail:  [email protected]