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The AERA Special Interest Group: Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research (ULTR) was founded in October 2000 with 35 education professors from southern California.  Dr. Lori Kim, Founder, has served as the first Chair and Program Chair of the organization to make its first SIG-sponsored sessions from the very next AERA annual meeting in 2001.   As of 2005, the SIG: ULTR has more than 300 members from more than 35 different states from the U.S. and 3 other countries. 

As stated in the Mission of the AERA SIG: ULTR, we promote collaborative development and dissemination of our membersÂ’ achievement in research and professional practice in Urban Learning and Teaching. 

With growing membership of the organization, the ULTR has been able to offer an increasing number of SIG-sponsored sessions at AERA annual meetings. 

The ULTR currently sponsors two publications:  (a) Journal of Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research and (b) Online Yearbook of Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research.  Copies of the Journal, a refereed publication, are provided to the SIG members each year.  The Online Yearbook publishes the articles written by the presenters of the SIG-sponsored sessions at the AERA annual meetings.



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