WPE Workshops

Text Box: The following workshops are open to all CSULA students. We strongly encourage students to register early in person because seating is limited.  Please check the University Writing Center for room locations. Winter 2008 WORKSHOPS
WPE Workshop
Do you feel your writing skills are a bit rusty? Do you get nervous every time you take a timed writing exam? If so, maybe this 4-hour workshop is just for you! Students will learn some test-taking tips and strategies. In addition, the workshop facilitator will provide students with feedback on their individual essays. Please note that this workshop meets twice and students who enroll must attend both meeting dates.
4 Hour Workshops (includes a Mock WPE Exam)
Date 			Day 			Time			Facilitator
March 29, 2008		Saturday		10:00am—2:30pm	Kerry W.
April 1 & 3, 2008	Tues. & Thurs.		3:30pm –5:30pm	Mark M.
April 5, 2008		Saturday		10:00am—2:30pm	Kerry W.
April 7 & 9, 2008	Mon. & Wed.		11:30am—1:30pm	Iris A.
April 11, 2008		Friday			10:00am—2:30pm	Iris A.	

2 Hour Workshops (excludes the Mock WPE Exam)
Date 			Day 			Time			Facilitator
April 2, 2008		Wednesday		11:30am—1:30pm	Iris A.
April 7, 2008		Monday		6:00pm—8:00pm	Harry C.
April 8, 2008		Tuesday		11:00am—1:00pm	Kerry W.
April 8, 2008		Tuesday		6:00pm—8:00pm	Mark M.
April 9, 2008		Wednesday		3:30pm—5:30pm	Mark M.
April 10, 2008		Thursday		11:30am—1:30pm	Tom P.
April 10, 2008		Thursday		3:30pm—5:30pm	Mark M.

WPE Orientation	
Students who have registered to take the WPE this quarter are encouraged to attend an orientation meeting. If you want more information about the exam or have any questions, please register to attend 
one of the scheduled 1-hour meetings listed below.

2 Hour Workshops (excludes the Mock WPE Exam
Date 			Day 			Time			Facilitator
March 28, 2008		Friday			2:00pm—3:00pm	Iris A.
April 1, 2008		Tuesday		12:00pm—1:00pm	Kerry W.
April 9, 2008 		Wednesday		3:30pm—4:30pm	Harry C.

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WPE Workshops


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