WPE Sample Topics

WPE Sample Topics


Carefully read the topic a couple of times and be aware of what it requires you to do. Typically, a WPE topic entails a two or three components that should be addressed; it is important to complete all aspects of the assignment.


Since you have 90 minutes to write on the essay topic, take time to plan and organize your essay before you begin to write. (Outlines or brainstorming are often helpful).


The quality of your writing is more important than the quantity, but it is not wise to produce an essay that is too short. The typical passing essay usually runs about 500 words (or about 3 handwritten pages). Make sure that you support or illustrate general points with specific evidence and concrete examples.


Allow yourself enough time after writing to go back over your essay and check for errors. Do not worry about crossing things out; it is more important to make the necessary corrections than to have a neat appearance.


The essay topic is designed to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to write clearly and effectively. Perfection is not expected, but you should try to produce the best essay possible in the time allotted.


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All of the topics can be downloaded in a PDF format. Just click on them.




"A Difficult Choice"


"A Change for the Better"


"The Road Not Taken"


"Are Public Libraries Important?"


"Are we equal before the law?"


"A Picture"


"The Wrong Kind of Teacher"


If you are not able to open the topics online please come to the University Writing Center and pick up a copy.


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