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Lise Buranen (Faculty Director) - lburane@calstatela.edu


Cynthia Takano (Associate Director) - ctakano@calstatela.edu


Linda Zepeda (Office Manager) - Lzepeda@cslanet@calstatela.edu


Drop-In Information


Reminder: If you have an appointment you can be no longer than 5 minutes late, or else your appointment will be given away. If you do not have a scheduled appointment and want to see a tutor: Please sign the “Tutoring Appointment Drop-In Sheet” located on the front desk. 5 minutes after each half-hour, students will be notified if a tutor is available to review the paper.


        During busy times, you may have to wait as long as two hours and there is no guarantee that you will see a tutor. In order to avoid the long wait, we recommend that you make an advance appointment to see a tutor on the day/time you need.


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