Mission Statement

Mission Statement

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The University Writing Center provides tutoring and other assistance for all CSLA courses, from pre baccalaureate composition courses to graduate seminars. In general, these services are not remedial, but are instead a powerful alternative or supplement to traditional modes of classroom instruction. We are strongly focused on the long term development of individual writers rather than quick fixes for the paper at hand. Writing Center services and goals fall into four main categories:

Tutoring and Writing Workshops

To provide one-on-one tutoring, writing workshops and in-class tutoring in order to help CSLA students become confident, fluent, college-level writers.

Writing Across the Curriculum

To assist faculty in understanding student writing problems, integrating writing into their courses, making effective assignments, and in responding effectively to student writing.

Writing Proficiency Exam

To provide student support services for the Writing Proficiency Exam including orientations for first-time takers, consultation and workshops for those who fail, and accurate information for all students, including advice and status information concerning the English requirement. We also strive to administer University 401 and the WPE Contract program in a way that motivates students to improve their writing skills and meet the WPE requirement in a timely manner.